Shortly after designing a garden for the Chelsea Flower Show, the Duchess of Cambridge once again shares her passion for nature with the public.

This week, Kate will be seen on BBC's children's television show Blue Peter and work with students to study wildlife in a pond (an activity also charmingly referred to as "pond diving"), build a cave of tree trunks, and plant flowers on household items like a sieve , a watering can and rubber boots.

The Duchess is in her element in the show and describes the pond as "massive up my street". She also clearly enjoys the cave building and says, "I love it."

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge poses with a group of schoolchildren after helping them build a cave.

Courtesy of the BBC

Kate has long been a strong advocate of the proven physical and mental benefits of spending time outdoors and the positive impact that nature and the environment can have on child development.

During the TV show, Kate talked to Lindsey Russell, presenter of Blue Peter, why she considers nature so beneficial. Asked by Russell if she goes out with her family a lot, the Duchess laughed that they were "pulled outside."

"But it's great and I see it encourages creativity and self-confidence," Kate added. "Even a short period – 10 to 15 minutes outside – is a big difference that I see for both physical and mental wellbeing."

Kate's appearance on the show coincides with the announcement that she is launching a children's contest with Blue Peter. In particular, the Duchess asks the audience to design a decorative garden sculpture that also contains an interactive element. The winning sculpture will eventually be in Kate's back to nature garden when she arrives at RHS Wisely in September.

Kate first introduced her forest garden at the Chelsea Flower Show last month, highlighting the positive spiritual and physical benefits of staying in nature, and brought her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, to play with it. She also worked with the Royal Horticulture Society to create a collection of outdoor activity maps to inspire young gardeners.

Two more iterations of her garden will be open to the public later this year. The first version will be premiered at the Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival in July, and the second, featuring the winning sculpture design, will premiere at the RHS Garden in Wisley in September.

The competition is open from Thursday 13th to 12am. BST on Tuesday, June 25th. For more information about the terms and conditions and to participate in the contest, visit