It's no secret that Metallica are massive Thin Lizzy fans, as evidenced by the version of Whiskey In The Jar they recorded for Garage Inc., their 1998 covers compilation. Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott. Lanezy frontman Phil Lynott. Slane Castle in Meath, Ireland, as a tribute to late.

This cover in the Irish countryside. Morning, the band is playing with a massive arena-sized crowd in Meath. More importantly, they're playing with an actual castle in the background, which pretty much every metal band in existence. James yell, "We love you, Phil" to the audience.

Check out the video of Metallica's Thin Lizzy tribute below:

Is this video a precursor to the rumored sequel to Garage Inc. coming up? Not sure, but we'll let you know if we hear anything.

In a recent interview with Kerrang !, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett. "I was thinking about the solo in The Unforgiven," said Kirk. "I remember showing up to the studio that morning, thinking I was going to play all that certain licks and then [Black Album producer] Bob Rock's going, 'That's fucking crap.'

"Then it was one of the very first times when I said, 'Just fucking hit the record button,' and shit flowed out, "he continued. I prefer to record my solos that way now because I like the spontaneity of it; that's how that solo was created. "

Meanwhile, is there a metallic track that you think is criminally underrated? Vote for it here, and it could be featured in our upcoming Metallica exhibition at House Of Vans.

Posted on June 11th 2019, 5:29 pm

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