Watch: Postman Surprised to Use a Terrible Racist Insult from the Smart Bell Video

A postman was caught by CCTV mumbling horrible racist language while waiting for an elderly man to answer the Manchester door.

In the video the worker of the Royal Mail is heard saying: “Come, c *** black, hurry up. Open your f ***** g (imperceptible)”.

Then he hums a melody as the door opens before delivering the package.

The accident occurred on Tuesday afternoon (January 14).

A Royal Mail spokesman said he has a “zero tolerance approach” to racism and will launch an “immediate investigation”.

The owner of the house, Sardar Singh, 70, did not hear the racist language.

But the house is equipped with a “smart bell”, which records video and audio footage when someone rings it.

Her son, Ben Singh, was notified of the registration because it is connected to his phone.

The 35-year-old, who works in finance, said: “It was terrible. My father is an older man. He is quite fragile, he has a walking stick. We were born in Great Britain. I am disgusted, upset, outraged.

A postman used racist language when he waited for a man to open the door

“(The postman) would have looked at my father when he said ‘come black c ***’.

“I was listening to it in real time. I was amazed. I went back to it and it’s crystal clear.

“I’m just perplexed. It’s unacceptable. Word C is pretty bad. I called Service 101, they think it’s a serious hate crime. I’ve talked to Royal Mail complaints, they’re taking it seriously.

“(My father) is worried. My father is afraid to open the door.”

A GMP spokesman said: “At around 4.15pm on Tuesday January 14, the police were called to report a hate incident. Investigations are underway.”

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “Royal Mail has a zero tolerance approach to any form of abuse, including racism.

“We expect the highest standards of behavior from our staff while we are always on delivery and with pickup.

“We have launched an immediate investigation into the matter. Once that investigation is complete, we will take the most appropriate actions in accordance with our code of business conduct.”


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