Diablo 4 has finally been confirmed and although we have not got a release date, the Blizzard does not stop showing a pretty sophisticated gameplay. Game Informer has already released the gameplay of the Sorceress and Barbarian classes and tested the Druid.

In the video below you can see three druid figures playing with several wolf attendants. Game Informer highlights how shapeshifting as a druid feels fluid, with attacks that begin immediately when abilities are triggered rather than hanging behind transformational animations.

It is also a slight change in the operation of the summoned Wolfmate to notice. The animals are always present once the skill is unlocked instead of calling them with a skill. Instead, the activated skill focuses the druid's wolves on their target.

You can go after Game Informer to see this gameplay without comment if that's more your speed.

Unfortunately, according to Blizzard, Diablo 4 will not be available soon, so it may be that this rush of class previews is the most we'll see from the game for a while.