Destiny 2. Photo: Microsoft.

CAPE TOWN – The video game publisher Activision announced that the company will be offering the game for free for a limited time to celebrate the PC release of Destiny 2.

Game Director Steve Cotton announced the announcement during the Blizzard pre-show at this year's BlizzCon.

Users can download the game until 18 November and keep it forever.

The free version of Destiny 2 also comes with a free gift that players can claim.

If users are interested in downloading the game, they need a Battle.Net account.

Players can download the basic version of the game and receive the original eight-hour campaign and a level of 20.

Players also have access to the original Leviathan Raid and Crucible multiplayer modes.

However, players will not have access to the latest expansion, Forsaken.

The company also used Twitter to post the news and users were hyped up.

That's what users had to say:




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