Watches That Do Electrocardiograms (ECG): They Are The Best And Cheapest You Can Buy

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If you are looking for a smartwatch that, like the Apple Watch, performs electrocardiograms, it must be said that the ECG smart watch is a very select club, although new models are being added little by little.

It goes without saying that the last two Apple Watch are the clear benchmark in this function, and this brand was one of the first to implement it on a large scale, although later others such as Samsung or Fitbit, old acquaintances in the industry, have been added. . .

At this time It is not essential to spend 300 or 400 euros on a watch with an electrocardiogram. There are less, even well below 100 euros, which is still surprising.

To make it easier for you if you are concerned about your health, we have compiled several of those that offer this possibility in different price segments.

All are officially for sale in Spain and are the The best and cheapest EKG smartwatches you can buy.

Apple Watch Series 5 y Series 6

For some generations, Apple has been integrating the ECG function into its watches. Not at all, since, for example, the new Apple Watch SE It does not have it, although it must be said that it is much cheaper than the Series 5 and Series 6.

They are the clear reference in the smart watch industry, although objectively it can be said that there are better models. A matter of taste.

Their prices remain for the moment above 300-400 euros, depending on the version chosen.

If you have more questions, we recommend that you read our Apple Watch Series 6 review.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

This case is quite special. When it was released, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 was not a smartwatch with ECG, or at least I had not activated it, although it has the technical ability.

Its price, from a little more than 200 euros, it is ultra-competitive even in the current context.

When we could realize your analysis, we did not get a chance to test this feature, although we did the others. Now the EKG option has finally been updated, making it even more interesting.

It’s already a great value watch, with a heart rate sensor, good battery life, and even NFC mobile payments via Samsung Pay, so simply the ECG is the icing on the cake.

Prixton ECG

Is by far Cheapest EKG Smartwatch Ever, and it is that its price remains below 50 euros.

The brand, Prixton, is known for its sports products, such as treadmills or exercise bikes, and now they are trying their luck with a smartwatch designed for athletes.

Obviously, its advantages in terms of battery, smart functions or screen quality have nothing to do with an Apple or a Samsung Galaxy Watch, although for the price that has few disadvantages we can put them.

Samsung Galaxy 3 Watch

Now we turn to what is the true flagship of Samsung, the watch with which they want to face the Apple Watch, although it should be noted that everything indicates that the two brands serve fundamentally different audiences. .

Its price, about 300 eurosIt’s pretty inexpensive for everything it has to offer, starting with the EKG, as well as a high-quality AMOLED and NFC display with Samsung Pay, among others.

Its sensors are also one of the most accurate on the market, in addition to betting on a circular design that gives it a much more classic look than that of its main rival.

We have already been able to test it, so we encourage you to read our Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review.

Fitbit Sense

It is one of the leading Fitbit smartwatches of the moment, a brand with a long history in the wearables sector and that has earned its good reputation.

The Fitbit Sense, in addition to the ECG, also has an oxygen saturation meter. Its price is still a little above 300 euros, expensive, but surely worth the investment.

It is a watch that bets on health and sports, the two pillars of the Fitbit catalog for years.

In addition, it also integrates all the functions of its app and its community, with personalized advice and physical training.

Withings Move ECG

Unlike other manufacturers, Withings bets on a very classic look in its watches. All are hybrids, that is, although they have sensors and intelligent functions, their hands are analog, mechanical, of a lifetime.

It does not mean that they are worse, but that they are different. For example, this model has an ECG, but also a counter for sleep quality, calories burned and physical activity in different sports, even GPS!and for 129 euros!

Obviously highly dependent on your mobile phone link, in which you can see all the necessary data and the result of your electrocardiogram.

Its application, Health Mate, is undoubtedly one of the best in the industry.

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