WAWA First Look Turkey: Eight Companies Confirmed

The exclusive event, organized by WAWA, will show eight Turkish companies who will present their latest productions to a select group of buyers and the most prominent members of the Ibeoramérica audiovisual industry. Is about ATV Distribution, Eccho Rights, Global Agency, Calinos Entertainment, Inter Medya, Kanal D, Mistco Y Raya Group.

‘The call has been a success, we have had a great response from the channels and platforms. We believe that the event will be a success with very positive results for both distributors and customers. We continue to collaborate in the pro-activity of our industry ‘, he commented Cecilia Gómez de la Torre, Vice President and Founder of WAWA, and Associate General Manager of Tondero Distribution (Peru).

Liliam Hernández, President and Founder of WAWA, and Chief Executive of Universal Cinergia (USA), added: ‘Promoting business structures between LATAM and Turkey is to promote job creation throughout the production chain and the actors involved. And this is part of the mission that we proposed in the foundation of WAWA. We are very happy because we continue to think and produce spaces that allow us to advance in that mission. ‘


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