“We denounce the implementation of a soft coup” – Diario El Ciudadano y la Región

Difficult times run these days in Argentina and in fact dismissal moves seem to gain prominence. In that sense, opposition sectors have won the street ignoring health care due to the covid-19 pandemic and it seems to be a first-rate postcard.

On the other side, the national government, carrying out the reins of the country plunged into a crisis by the global pandemic and economic imbalances dragged by the government that preceded it.

In this context, a wide range of social, political and union organizations from Santa Fe signed a document in support of the national government policies and denouncing the launch of a Soft Coup by sectors of the Argentine right within a context of strategy. continental.

“With the pretext of paying tribute to the fallen members of the force, Brigadier General Agustín Cejas, made an exacerbated harangue to the formed troops, recalling Operation Independence carried out in Tucumán in 1975, which was part of State Terrorism. The Buenos Aires Police revolt in a clearly seditious act and surround the presidential residence in Olivos. Elisa Carrió points out that the rule of law must be reestablished in the country… Previously, Eduardo Duhalde had referred to the fact that there would be no elections next year and marked the possibility of a coup d’état. Different entities representing the employers of the field, together with members of Cambiemos, and other expressions of the Argentine right – in various parts of the country – have been carrying out mobilizations against measures or the possibility of certain announcements of the National Government since November 2019 ”, began saying the organizations text.

The statement also points to the opposition of Cambiemos as “responsible for many dismissal acts.” And he wonders ironically “if the policies carried out by Mauricio Macri had nothing to do with it at this time.”

For the signatories: “The exchange rate runs with the dollar, the layoffs in factories ignoring the governmental provisions, the refusals to function in the legislative sphere respecting the protocols of the Pandemic, the permanent and structured use of false news on the networks, are some of the wear tools they use according to the situation and the priorities they establish. And they have built, together with the large corporations, financial power plants and concentrated media an agenda around their sectoral claims, nationalizing them, where, in addition, they appropriate symbols, concepts, stories and re-signify them to justify their actions ”.

Another power questioned by the range of organizations is a sector of the Judicial Branch: “Many of these issues would not have been able to be sustained over time if broad sectors of the Judicial Branch did not continue with their task of harassment, pressure and persecution of political and social leaders. Defending, in addition, the corporate power within the Justice that built or strengthened the macrismo ”, they indicated.

Specifically, they affirm about the dismissive climate: ”In one way or another, all this type of claims has been structured in confronting the measures of Alberto Fernández in defense of the health of the Argentine people. The anti quarantine calling for civil disobedience, ignorance of health actions, relativizing achievements and posing as errors or deficits, situations that are part of a strategy to fight the pandemic where the world was not prepared for it ”.

Now: “It cannot be ignored that implicitly or explicitly in each march, act or action that they organize, hatred, contempt, aggression towards Cristina Fernández de Kirchner inevitably underlies. But everything described so far does not obey the delusions of an outdated military man, or people – beyond the positions they occupy – who only report exacerbated individualism or selfishness. There is a continental strategy that has its interpreters in the Argentine reality. There are countless examples throughout Latin America that alert us to the repetitive mechanisms of attacking democratic governments, where a coup d’etat in Bolivia removed Evo Morales, or in Brazil where soft blows were brewed against Dilma Rousseff and Lula Da Silva. Chile, where its President Sebastián Piñera does not tire of repressing citizens who demanded their basic rights, or Ecuador, which endured police riots and today reproduces the persecution against former President Rafael Correa, or Paraguay with Fernando Lugo, to express a few examples. The blockades of Venezuela and Cuba, the selective assassinations to overthrow the Peace Accords in Colombia. National and popular processes must be silenced and destroyed ”.

The group of organizations also pointed out: “In our Province of Santa Fe the actions of the destabilizing sectors are clearly manifested: retentions, Vicentin, agronomic limits, tightening of members of the Judicial Power, judges who do not adequately investigate environmental fires, mobilizations and summons (Avellaneda, Rafaela, in the provincial capital, among others) to violate the decisions that seek to preserve the lives of the inhabitants of all our territory.

For all this: “it is imperative to clearly identify those responsible for these events and to expose the institutions and political parties that support them. This task is an absolute priority within our organizations and the population as a whole, explaining what their objectives are, where the preservation of the wealth they possess and the privileges that are inferred from it and takes away the rights conquered by workers. , appear as a common denominator in all the massive or discursive demonstrations that they carry out ”..

“We understand, in turn,” continued the statement, “that the magnitude of the threat to the Argentine democratic process warrants greater joint efforts among those who – in one way or another – and from different spheres – express the interests of the great popular majorities and that levels of coordination must be increased when defending them. In other words, to build a model of a country where the great popular majorities and the productive sectors are represented, away from neoliberal policies ”.

“When the country is in danger, everything is allowed, except not to defend it.” He completed the text by paraphrasing a historic phrase by José de San Martín.


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