“We had China where we wanted”

Biden has described Xi Jinping as a “brilliant” and “tough” politician, without a sense of what democracy is. (Flickr)

The former president of the United States, Donald Trump, regretted on Wednesday the strategy that the Biden Administration seems to be taking to confront the Chinese regime. A tactic that points to a kind of cronyism that is increasingly palpable to the world, as telephone calls or statements by the Democrat are registered.

During a telephone interview with NewsmaxTrump deplored what has been interpreted as a setback in the crusade to lay siege not only to the Xi Jinping regime, but to the Communist Party of China (CCP).

“The whole thing is ridiculous: we had China exactly where we wanted it,” replied the Republican when asked by presenter Greg Kelly about the comments Biden made regarding the Chinese communist regime, during his first “town hall«Transmitted by CNN, after coming to office. In this event, he minimized the Uyghur genocide that occurs in Xinjiang province.

This behavior, for Trump, has an explanation and points to links that may exist between Biden’s family and the CCP. “His family is involved with the Chinese, certainly, for a long time and with a lot of money,” Trump said in Newsmax.

And it is that this Tuesday, President Joe Biden tried to put aside the most reprehensible events that the Chinese regime has carried out – the persecution in Hong Kong, the tensions with Taiwan and the torture of the Uyghurs – and reduced his position to say that it would not be their place to hold China responsible as the Trump administration did, because it is a nation with “different rules.”

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“Culturally there are different norms that each country and its leaders are expected to follow,” Biden said Tuesday night, when they rebuked him for the call that both presidents had a few days ago.

Biden and the signs of appeasement before China

With the Democrat, the forecasts are not so encouraging in international politics, even more so when it comes to the relationship with Xi Jinping. The internationalist Giovanna Quina, in an interview with PanAm Post, He argued that Biden could soften the porous relationship Trump left with China. All pointing to the economic benefits, obviously.

Biden has described Xi Jinping as a “brilliant” and “tough” politician, without a sense of what democracy is. However, taking this perception into account, the actions of the democrat, more than concrete and strong in the face of a regime clearly responsible for various crimes, are tepid and even compensatory.

There are several samples of it. However, the most prominent came recently, when Biden banned all references to COVID-19 that could link the disease to its geographic location. That is to say, the Democratic president asked for an end to the proliferation of names such as “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan virus”, because – in his opinion – it stimulates racism in the North American territory.

A few days after taking office as president of the United States, Biden has taken actions that reinforce these theories. The return of this administration to the Paris Climate Agreement is another factor that points to submission to the Asian giant, at least that’s how it is interpreted.

For example, China is currently a party to the Paris Agreement. However, it is the most polluting country in the world. It does not comply with its agreements, but on the contrary, it has increased its CO2 emissions.

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