“We have to trust science and be grateful”

Such a quick and apparently simple gesture, such as giving a vaccine, provokes a whirlwind of feelings in the case of immunization against the coronavirus. Nerves, excitement, joy, laughter, uncertainty and fear, all of them even at the same time. Although doubts were the least abundant this Tuesday morning between the professors mentioned in the regional hospital of the Axarquía. They have been the first teachers in the province of Málaga to receive the Covid vaccine and the majority have been convinced that thus, “this will happen”.

All those mentioned are people up to 55 years of age and are receiving the preparation from AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford. “It has been 10 minutes since I was vaccinated and I am very happy,” she said. Alicia Isla, teacher at Colegio San José de Vélez-Málaga, while waiting the statutory 15 minutes that, as a precaution, they must wait before going home after receiving the dose. For her, being there was cause for celebration and asked to trust science. “Who are we going to trust other than scientists? Right now this is what we have to try to raise awareness of, “he insists.

“I was clear from the first minute, but people who have doubts have to think that science has worked exhaustively for record time and what we have is to trust her and be very grateful and very happy that this massive vaccination is being done here today, “said this teacher.

Isla is an English philologist and assures that in the 31 years that she has been teaching at said educational center, she had never had an experience “as exceptional” as that of this course. His students are between 13 and 17 years old, and under normal circumstances he usually travels with them to England. This time it was not possible, but in addition to that, the “tension” that is breathed in students and teachers stands out. “We have dedicated ourselves to teaching, but with the handicap of having to be controlling that our situation is safe. If teaching in a classroom with 27 children is already difficult, imagine taking into account that the distance is correct and that there is no time when there may be a transmission, because we are responsible, “he explains.

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Laura Navas, Primary teacher at the Blas Infante school in Torre del Mar, has not had doubts. “At no time did I doubt it, I had it very clear from the beginning,” he said. Although the nerves are always there: “It is never pleasant to be pricked, and no matter how many studies have done this, it is new.”

Like the rest of his colleagues in the profession, he recognizes that the course is being “difficult” in his school, although he says that “so far we have been doing quite well.” “We have reached February with some isolated positive, but without really confined classes, “he explains, specifying that the positives they have had” came from home “after the Christmas holidays and that there have been no infections within the school, something that he attributes” to the luck factor “since” we will be doing something good”.

In this same school he gives classes Eloisa Muñoz Cruzado, also to primary school children. “It’s like any other vaccine,” he says, explaining that in his case he had to consult his doctor because it is allergic to mites and pollen, but the doctor told him that “environmental allergies are not incompatible with the vaccine.” “I was clear that I was going to get vaccinated, the rest of the people to do what they see fit, but to inform themselves and ask health workers,” he says.

Maria Arevalo, English teacher at the Enrique Ginés de Frigiliana school, she was surprised by how quickly they had called her. “Suddenly, yesterday I received a call from my health center and look, I already have the vaccine,” she says, satisfied. He had doubts, but they were soon dispelled: “The truth is that when they asked me if I wanted to wear it, at one point I thought that no … there are always doubts, but it was better to put it on.” Therefore, he encourages “when in doubt, to get vaccinated.” “We don’t know how the virus is going to affect us if we catch it, and if this really works or can prevent you from serious effects, I prefer it, because I know people who have stayed fairly regular,” he says.

With 26 years, is her fourth year in teaching, and beyond the complexities of having to control that children keep their distances, she assures that she feels sorry because, “used to seeing children always playing, hugging you … They can’t give you a hug or you can’t give them“.” The truth is that it is sad, hard and makes you angry. But it will pass“, he stresses, hoping that next year September will be” as normal as possible. “

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Some teachers have also been summoned for this first round of mass vaccination CEIP José Luis Villar-Palací, What Chema Lopez, teacher of Primary and Physical Education. He did not hide that he had arrived at the hospital “a little nervous”, but said that once there he had calmed down. “You always have this uncertainty of whether they have tried it enough, that since it is the AstraZeneca that has just started to wear … but seeing that other vaccinated colleagues are doing well, I am calmer.”

Despite this, he is convinced that it is necessary to be vaccinated. “It seems to me a totally solidary gesture and I think that as the population approaches we are also benefiting other people “, he emphasizes.” I have not thought about it at any time, “he insists. As a teacher, he is also living a” complicated “course, although he thanks children who are “behaving like champions.”

Also in the CEIP José Luis Villar-Palací works with children of the sixth grade of Primary as a teacher of the Accompaniment Program (PROA Andalucía), Jose del Cubo. “I have decided because in the end it is something that will help us and because we must advance in the pandemic,” he says. “It’s something we all have to go through,” he concludes.

Dates to vaccinate teachers in the rest of Malaga

In the Axarquía hospital, where there are two vaccination rooms, the process will continue throughout the week, in the morning and in the afternoon. This Tuesday the campaign has also started in the district of Guadalhorce Valley, where teachers have been called to go to health centers in Álora, Coín and Alhaurín de la Torre.

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In the district Málaga, where the capital is included, vaccinations for teachers will be provided starting this Wednesday, also in health centers, as reported by the Health Delegation. While in the Serrania de Ronda will start the Thursday, in the senior center.

In the rest of the province the specific dates are not yet closed. Health sources have explained that in the health district of the Costa del Sol teachers are going to be vaccinated at the same points used for the immunization of those over 80 years of age.

Finally, in the North Sanitary Area (Antequera) a space will be installed in the Antequera hospital for most of those mentioned, with the exception of Mollina, Archidona and Campillos, where the doses will be placed in health centers.


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