We leave it for Tuesday | Champions League

The wait for the return of basketball in Argentina is long. In this case for the culmination of the Champions League semifinals. Quimsa is already in Buenos Aires and started with the corresponding protocols within the city. He arrived with one less player because he was positive in the last days.

Both casts will add more training, especially with their new foreigners. Not only the clear case of San Lorenzo with his new quartet (except for Tucker) but also for Quimsa with the readjustment of Robinson and especially Kent and a new foreigner who came through Draper, who finally will not be part of the team for the Champions League. . On that side it closes them both.

The protocols and swabs are demanding with the times and precisely what there is less is time. Considering that the game has 72 hours left, too fair to verify how each player is doing and losing one at the last minute could be a resounding change for the game itself. The authorization regarding DIRECTV is awaited for its programming, to see what the schedule is (it could be at 20) and carry it out.

There is another data that is not minor. The final will be the 30th (unless there is some new problem), which means less rest for the winner but with a shoot for what happened on Tuesday finally. Quite a difficult puzzle to put together.

Jos Fiebig



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