This week begins the process of selecting the leader of the British Conservative Party, who will automatically be prime minister next July. And this very weekend, the favorite, Boris Johnson, warned: if he comes to power, his country will leave Europe on October 31 and will not pay the Brexit billunless Europe gives the United Kingdom better terms of departure.

This is a considerable amount, 40 to 45 billion eurosthat London must pay to the European budget, after the long negotiations that have been conducted in the last three years. This sum corresponds to the Community programs for which the United Kingdom has given its agreement, since the time when it was a member.

As for example, the structural funds of the coming years, which will support the most disadvantaged regions of Europe. But also pensions of British European civil servantswho will leave Brussels, of course, and will be at the expense of the British government.

Access to the single market at stake

But in principle, the UK has absolutely no choice to pay the refund, otherwise it would be the other countries, especially France, to pay these forty billion. A height.

In reality, Boris Johnson wants to leverage this debtprobably to guarantee the United Kingdom access to the single market. "If you do not give me the right to export British products without tax, I will not pay." A form of blackmail which augurs a climate change for Brexit.

An offensive negotiator compared to Theresa May

If Boris Johnson comes to power, which is likely, relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union will harden. Theresa May, the outgoing Prime Minister, had more or less entered into the European logic of the exit negotiations, led in Europe by Frenchman Michel Barnier. Negotiations laborious certainly, but framed, because the latter had stirred the specter of a Brexit without agreementto bring the English back into the ranks. With this new Prime Minister, however, one can be in a brutal confrontation.

Boris Johnson, a "British Trump" without business acumen

Boris Johnson was a journalist, correspondent in Brussels, mayor of London, and here he is now a conservative parliamentarian. He was one of the leaders of the Brexit campaign during the 2016 referendum. reputed lazy and especially blunder.
Moreover, he who had spoken at the microphone of RTL a few months ago, wrote a biography of Winston Churchill.

He was also a Calamitous Minister of Foreign Affairs, until last year. In fact, it's a kind of "British Trump", but without the real estate billionaire's business sense. The US President, who was in London last week, has also made a great compliment, while talking with him about the prospect ofa trade agreement between England and the United States.

An agreement with Donald Trump to do without Europe

It's the Brexiters plan from the beginning: to make the UK, thanks to very favorable tax and social conditions for companies, a kind of Singapore from the Atlantic. A platform exporting to Asia and America, turning its back on Europe.

Boris Johnson mentioned just recently his tax program in an interview. It looks very much like Donald Trump's, with a sharp tax cut for the richest taxpayers. Between Europe and the open sea, we will always choose the open sea: these words of Churchill, which date from several decades, will probably find some actuality.

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