The US Weather Channel has released its latest augmented reality (AR) video demonstrating the speed and threat of forest fires.
twc 19 Oct 2018The segment that aired first in the morning showed AMHQ; Meteorologist Stephanie Abrams guides viewers through the emergence of forest fires and the threat they pose to communities.

The effort is particularly timely with parts of California facing fire warnings over the weekend and forest fires continuing to increase in frequency and severity as the climate dries and dries.

In collaboration with the Future Group and the Unreal Engine, the Weather Channel uses immersive mixed reality (IMR) technology for its transmissions, in particular demonstrating the storm surge threat from hurricanes Florence and Michael, and demonstrating the power of tornadoes and lightning.

These show how the weather channel can bring viewers into a storm environment to inform and inform them. By 2020, TWC plans to use IMR technology in 80% of its programming.


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