Weather for this Thursday, April 8 in the City of Buenos Aires and surroundings

The forecast, provided by the National Metereological Service, announces that this Thursday the autumn summer that invaded Buenos aires city and its surroundings this week. A new hot day is expected with a minimum temperature of 22 degrees and a maximum that will reach 30 with moderate wind from the north sector. The sky will be mostly cloudy during the morning and noon, while the arrival of isolated storms is announced in the afternoon.

Tomorrow Friday it will rain all day with significant intensity. According to the SMN, the day will start with 21 degrees and a strong storm throughout the Federal Capital and its surroundings with an east wind. By mid-afternoon the thermometer will mark a maximum of 24 degrees and only in the afternoon / night would the intensity of the storms decrease but the showers will continue throughout the region.

The start of the weekend will also be marked by storms and showers. In the morning there would be rains and electrical activity with a minimum of 20 degrees and light wind from the east sector. Towards the afternoon the waterfall will continue with permanent showers and the maximum will reach 22 degrees with a west wind. Only on Sunday would the sun return to the metropolitan area.

The last day of the week will start with a partially cloudy sky and will clear as the hours go by. The minimum will be 13 degrees and the maximum 22 with the entry of fresh wind from the southeast. As of Monday, a mass of hot air will enter again from the north, so a week is anticipated with the presence of sun and maximum temperatures that will be around 24 degrees.

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