Sunderland is unlikely to see much blue skies on Wednesday, December 4th. The Met Office predicts moisture and clouds in this regard.

After a cloudy night with some rain, frost probability and a drop in temperature to 0 ° C, we are likely to observe this on Wednesday, December 4, throughout the Northeast.

How will the weather be in Sunderland this morning?

The forecasters say that there will probably be more clouds than in the last few days, gradually progressing eastwards over time and introducing less cold but humid conditions with some rain.

Then there is the possibility that from 9 o'clock the sun is shining.

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The maximum temperature is 6 ° C.

What about this afternoon?

It is expected that the sun and a small cloud will last until about 3 pm and the sunset will start at 3:40 pm.

The warmest is around 8 ° C.

What will the weather be like tonight and tonight?

It looks like we have a clear sky with a temperature around 6 ° C.

What will the weather be like for the rest of this week?

The Met Office says we can welcome changeable in a few days with less frost than lately.

On Thursday it is windy with storms and some rain.

It's getting drier, but it's still windy on Friday and it's going to be fine on Saturday.

What is the long-term prognosis?

On Sunday, December 8th, rain and passing mountain snow will cross the UK, followed by stormy rain showers, which are the heaviest in the west.

It should be windy with the danger of coastal storms.

In the next week the unexplained topic with longer periods of rain and rain showers with short-lived, drier interludes should stop.

Initially mild, with temperatures soon to drop below normal, increasing the risk of winter showers in the far north.

Also a low risk of heavy snowfall on the northern edge of the rainbands.

Frost and frost are possible especially in the north of fog.

Temperatures may recover at the end of the period.