Britain will warm up for Valentine's Day and forecasters are expecting a lot of sun thanks to a plume of African air.

Some parts of the UK could reach 15 ° C, making it the hottest Valentine's Day in 21 years.

And Friday could be even hotter, with the mercury likely to be above 17C.

The Met Office has predicted a sunny and sunny day for the most part.

Early haze and haze will disappear to make room for warmer weather, although there may be drizzle in high areas.

According to forecasters, the fog should dissolve overnight, but Friday will be dry, sunny and mild.

Forecasters expect a lenient day thanks to an African air plume

A surfer enjoying the unusual heat

Great Britain could be warmer than Malibu beach in the 14C, California, and romantic cities like the 13C. Paris and the 8C

It is expected that the sunny highs and days will extend next week.

A forecaster at the Met Office said, "Valentine's Day is not the only reason he is warming up. You could see unusually high temperatures in the afternoons up to 16 ° C. Next week will be mild for some.

Temperatures should be mild and comfortable today

Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze said: "The UK is under strong pressure of warm air from northern Africa.

"We could see 17 ° C by Friday, with a lot of dry spring weather and very sweet until next week."

Five day forecast overview for the UK

Today & # 39; hui:

A sunny day in England and Wales after fog and fog. Cloudy early skies in northern areas with scattered rains and drizzle over the hills, although it is gradually becoming clearer all day. Sweet for the most part.


Clear early this evening, but fog and fog will form in some areas, mainly in England and Wales.

Daffodils bloom among purple crocuses in Royal Victoria Park, Bath


Fog patches will slowly disappear on Friday morning, leaving a dry, sunny and mild day for many. However, clouds will increase to the west and rains to the northwest later.

Perspectives from Saturday to Monday:

Mostly cloudy with rain showers or showers extending from the west. Windy at times, especially in the northwest. Sweet on weekends but colder on Monday.

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