Weather forecast for this Sunday, November 15 in Tabasco



14/11/202009:38 p.m.Author: Juan Román GallegosSource: PRESENT JOURNAL

Weather forecast for this Sunday, November 15 in Tabasco

An increase in the potential for rainfall is expected from Monday

Tomorrow, Sunday, November 15, they are expected rains overall 25.1 to 50 mm, without ruling out an isolated upper register in Chontalpa and Sierra, which do not represent a danger to the population, but will favor a slight increase or a slow decrease in the mountain rivers.

An increase in the potential for precipitation is expected from Monday, due to the entrance of the Cold Front No. 13 that could arrive at Tabasco. The “North” event will generate winds between 50 and 60 km / h and a swell of 1 to 2 meters, both scenarios mainly on the coast of Cárdenas.

On the other hand, the Tropical Cyclone “Iota” could increase the contribution of humidity in the State as of Tuesday, especially in the south and east of the State, as well as in the Alto Grijalva and Alto Usumacinta basins, therefore the population is urged to stay informed through official sources.

Derived from the above, an increase in the levels of the mountain rivers could be generated, in the plain rivers due to runoff in the Alto Grijalva dam system, as well as a significant increase.

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