Weather forecast: the avenging storm

The thermal armistice was broken by a significant rise in temperatures. With the maximum exceeding 30 ° C, some looked askance at their pool, the fundamentalists of the summer, for their part, headed towards Coconor but realized that it no longer existed and incidents occurred. At least the hydrant cars gave them some of the water they went to fetch. Meanwhile, the #TeamInvierno prepared the spell for a storm that would put things in their place. The date would be Thursday, the schedule in the afternoon or evening with the intention that the meteorological anger would not give rise to new thermal insumiones.

Welcome to a day of super meteorological action in the estuary. Thursday will represent the farewell to the “mini summer”, as the first batch of rain is expected only at sunset before it will be necessary to retrace another summer day with high thermal sensation. From now on we are very different from any dangerous heat scenario but for those who have to kick the Buenos Aires pavement today or stand in line under the sun can be really annoying. Today’s highest atmospheric aspiration is for everyone to get out of work and come home dry and, of course, that we don’t have severe weather in the city, but there is scope for both. From early on, the mercury warns that it is another thermally ambitious day with an output of 22 ° C, the pre-frontal activity can cause a lot of cloudiness at dawn added to a strong hot wind plowing through Buenos Aires. Another hot afternoon with 30 ° C and high thermal sensation is estimated, the stability window opens on averaging the day and some advance of the rainfall would not be out of the book. At sunset we will have the rain around the corner with the magnifying glass on towards night. It is true that storms can deviate or lessen but severe weather formations have a collision course with our city and it is preferable to be pessimistic and consider the possibility of a closure with strong storms even if everything ends up being a fiasco. The collision of two very dissimilar air masses in temperature and humidity is coming and if we get the day off without any meteorological nightmare, we will have gotten it cheap. I repeat until boredom: today there is a meteorological risk.

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Tomorrow is expected a day overlapped by rainfall from end to end. Towards the beginning of the day, during the early morning, dawn and the first morning, the most active can be expected with a margin for a strong storm, towards the afternoon the storms can be intermittent or already isolated to pass to a weak night rain. A day with little or no sun is estimated, with cold air circulating early. The particularity of the day is that the maximum can occur in the morning and that the temperature drops as the hours go by, the afternoon being cooler than sunrise. A peak temperature of 23 ° C is expected, which would mean a brutal drop compared to the records of the whole week, luckily no gusts are expected to expose workers to the cold wind. Although it is an unstable day from morning to midnight, it will not represent a day of continuous rain where we could have some windows of several hours without precipitation.

The beginning of the weekend still presents divergences in the forecast. Some analyzes suggest that the storm clouds spread in the middle of the morning and it could be aspiring to an afternoon without rain. Other simulation models are more pessimistic but the truth is that we are moving away from the scene of showers and storms to a day that may present some isolated rains or intermittent drizzles. If you have any plans for Saturday afternoon, do not cancel it yet and wait for new updates. A maximum of 22 ° C is expected, almost what was the minimum in recent days, which can feel cooler with our related body with higher temperatures. The night could be safe for those who want to go out representing the end of the rainy event.

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The first thing to say is that, by scandal, Sunday is the option when choosing a day of the weekend to plan outdoor activity. With the window of instability definitely closed, Sunday will offer partly cloudy skies in the morning to pass to an immaculate evening sky. You can take the table outside at noon and wait for an afternoon in full sun with a maximum of 22 ° C. The morning can present some gusts that diminish with the passing of the hours until passing to a light wind averaging the day.

Next week will be exempt from significant cold air inputs beyond some sections with south wind, which would translate into an increase in temperatures but far from the thermal absurdities of these days. There will be no forecast of rainfall until further notice.

That’s it, friends. Don’t underestimate today’s potential storm. Let’s hope that everything ends in something weak and that severe weather impacts in a rural area, far from any urban area. For the rest, this thermal contempt is over and as of tomorrow the thermometer is re-synchronized with the calendar. So far the summer revival has arrived, now autumn is once again taking command of the station.

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