Weather in Mexico January 12, 2021: ice and sleet in NL and Coahuila

Weather in Mexico January 12, 2021: ice and sleet in NL and Coahuila
The weather in Mexico will continue to register low temperatures in the following hours. Photo: Magda Guardiola

He weather in mexico continues to generate cold in the country, and in the north it was not the exception, since only in states like New Lion and Coahuila the inhabitants were surprised by the presence of ice and sleet.

What happened in Nuevo León?

During the early morning of this Tuesday, January 12, sleet and snow fell in the upper parts of the mountains of some municipalities of New Lion. The base temperature was recorded between minus two degrees. Municipalities such as Santiago, Galeana, Ciénega de González, Iturribide, Santa Catarina and Linares will wake up covered in a white blanket.

  • The inhabitants of those areas shared their photographs on social networks, showing how their vehicles woke up covered in white.

According to Weather forecast in Mexico for this January 12cold front number 26 is expected to cause frost, gusts of wind between 40 and 60 kilometers per hour, as well as snowfall in the upper parts of the Sierra Madre.

The thermometers are also expected to read between minus two degrees Celsius to four above zero., this during the night of Tuesday and morning of Wednesday, January 13, improving conditions in the coming days.

And the weather in Coahuila?

The southeastern region of Coahuila woke up this Tuesday with a light layer of ice, formed by the drop in temperature registered in the early morning. He frigid environment It is also part of the effects of the Cold Front 26 that is dispersed throughout the region, in urban areas the temperature dropped to two degrees Celsius below zero, while in mountain areas or ejidal areas they reported up to minus seven degrees Celsius.

The drop in temperature formed a light layer of ice on surfaces, forcing municipal authorities to close express roads hours before dawn, and it was until 10:30 in the morning that they were reopened.

The carousel operation was also implemented to avoid accidents and it persists in some parts of the region, where fog banks are registered.

Are there people affected by the weather in Mexico?

Finally because of this weather in mexico, the Undersecretariat of Civil Protection of the state of Coahuila reported 42 people housed in shelters of different municipalities of the state.

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