Weather in the City of Buenos Aires: Sunday, October 18

Sunday, Buenos aires city: maximum temperature 29º, minimum 20º. The sky will be mostly clear with cloudy intervals. Humidity: 83%, Pressure: 1007.4 hPa, winds between 14 and 41 km / h. Visibility 10 km. Sunrise 6:07 a.m., sunset 7:01 p.m.

Extended forecast:

  • Monday, October 19: temperatures between 18º and 28º. Somewhat cloudy sky with possible showers.
  • Tuesday October 20: temperatures between 12º and 20º. Somewhat cloudy sky with possible showers.

Weather alerts:

Cessation of Alert: Probable strong storms (Meteorological Alert No. 4)

  • Zones: East of Chaco, Corrientes, East of Formosa

  • The cessation of alert is determined.

Intense winds with gusts (Weather Alert No. 4)

  • Zones: Chubut, Center of Neuquén, South and center of Río Negro, Center and North of Santa Cruz

  • The coverage area will be affected in the next few hours by intense winds from the west sector with speeds between 50 and 70 km / h, with gusts that can exceed 90 km / h, especially in the south of Chubut and the north of Santa Cruz. The occurrence of a zonda wind over the center of Neuquén is not ruled out. Wind intensity forecasts over the maritime area adjacent to the coasts were issued in the routine maritime navigation bulletins.

Intense winds in mountain range (Meteorological Alert No. 4)

  • Zones: Cordilleran area and south of Mendoza, Cordilleran area of ​​Neuquén

  • In the cordilleran zone of the coverage area, northwest winds will continue to blow with speeds between 70 and 110 km / h with gusts. The occurrence of a zonda wind in the south of Mendoza during Sunday afternoon is not ruled out.

Strong storms (Weather Alert No. 2)

  • Zones: Southwest of Buenos Aires, Center and east of La Pampa, Neuquén, Center and south of San Luis

  • It is expected that between the early hours and the morning of this Sunday the center and east of La Pampa and the southwest of the province of Buenos Aires will be affected by isolated rains and storms. These are expected to intensify starting in the afternoon, spreading to central and southern San Luis. They may be accompanied by strong electrical activity, abundant falling water in short periods, intense gusts and falling hail, with temporary improvements. Accumulated precipitation values ​​between 15 and 50 mm are expected during this Sunday, which may be locally higher and the highest values ​​are expected for the southwest of the province of Buenos Aires.

Source: Meteored and National Meteorological Service

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