In South Yorkshire, there are still seven warnings of major floods in areas along the River Don that pose potential mortal danger.

Forty-one further warnings of floods requiring immediate action were also provided, as the water level in flooded communities remained high and travel was still disrupted.

Hundreds of houses were flooded in the village of Fishlake by the River Don, which can only be reached by boat. The cars in Sheffield remained submerged on Sunday morning, the roads were still closed and many trains were struck in parts of the East Midlands due to flooded railroad tracks.

In some areas, such as the Trent in Nottinghamshire, despite a significant improvement in weather conditions throughout the country, the water level continued to rise after a month's rain in just a few hours on Friday.

According to the Met Office, Sheffield had 84 mm of rainfall in just over 36 hours, which is close to the average monthly rainfall throughout Yorkshire.

An aerial view of houses and cars submerged under heavy flooding in Doncaster

An aerial view of houses and cars submerged under heavy flooding in Doncaster. Photo: Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

Pam Webb, who lives in Fishlake and operates a spa hotel, told the BBC that her home and business had been flooded and the situation in her community was "absolutely devastating." She said it was impossible to estimate the cost of the damage.

Webb said that the Doncaster Council did not attend evacuation centers, did not communicate with those affected, and that rescue workers had been disabled because they did not know the area.

"Why was not the Doncaster Council present to help at least evacuate elderly and vulnerable people?" Webb asked. The Council was asked to comment.

Derbyshire and South Yorkshire were hit hardest by the floods that had already claimed the lives of a woman swept away in Darley Dale early Friday.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, was criticized for having declared the floods in his comments during a visit to Matlock, a city in Derbyshire, which had been plagued by the floods, as "not something we need to get down to Escalate level of national emergency ".

The Met Office has forecast a largely dry Sunday, with the exception of a few showers on the eastern shores of England and Scotland, before "stormy showers" reach the West on Monday morning.

The Environment Agency said that the Don water level had peaked in most places and had declined, but warned of more wet weather that rivers might respond to quickly on Monday, and called on people to sign up for flood warnings.

Northern Rail warned that the flooding in South Yorkshire could continue in some areas by Tuesday morning and would require a significant amount of work before the trains were cleared. It added that as the floods in the area continued to decrease, traces remained in several places under water, with deposits and damage occurring during the flood discharge.

Customers were advised not to travel by car Doncaster to Scunthorpe route or between Sheffield and Goole and Sheffield and Doncaster, with no estimate of when these routes will be reopened. The route from Sheffield to Leeds via Moorthorpe will not call Rotherham until further notice.