More flooding and rains of up to a week will devastate scattered communities already devastated by the weather.

About 25mm of rain will fall on Thursday in Derbyshire, one of several areas where a new yellow weather alert is displayed.

Met Office expects this to be upgraded to an amber update that will be used for more dangerous conditions.

"We're keeping an eye on this, it's a yellow weather alert at the moment, but because it's a sensitive area, it can turn amber," said Simon Partridge, forecan at Met Office, exclusively to Mirror Online.

"The warning applies to most of Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, these are sensitive areas."

A businesswoman died after being scared off the flood this week in Derbyshire.

A woman is standing next to a car that is in flood

Rescue teams lead residents on a dinghy in Fishlake near Doncaster

Annie Hall, 69, was found two miles down the river in Darley Dale after getting into trouble.

The new weather warning in this region affects the entire Thursday.

Partridge added, "There is a possibility of flooding and significant rainfall is expected.

"Derbyshire already had 70 mm of rain this month.

"In November, there is usually 90 mm of rainfall."

A man wipes his parents' living room after it has been flooded

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The further 25 mm of rain would mean Derbyshire's average monthly rainfall in mid-November.

The neighboring South Yorkshire – where Fishlake went underground – had more than 50 mm this month.

In November, precipitation rarely drops more than 89 mm.

Even before Thursday, Hale and Thunder will find their way around South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.

This week, a river has swollen in Derbyshire

Annie Hall was caught in flood near Darley Dale, Derbyshire

Mr. Partridge said: "It is a cold and wet week, tomorrow there will be stormy showers in most of the country, in some northern places it is healthy and thundering.

"It gets colder even in exposed areas."

Temperatures in these areas will also fall in numbers this week.

Scottish inland will not be warmer than 6 ° C throughout the week, warned the forecaster.

"It will be windy all week.

"There will be coastal storms, especially in the north and northwest," said Met Office forecaster.

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Floods have devastated parts of northern England this week

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Boris Johnson said today he is "in awe of the resilience of the flooded communities.

The authorities in South Yorkshire, however, said they would not provide local support in Fishlake.

Damian Allen, CEO of the Doncaster Council, said, "We are concerned about the reports that some residents are staying in the Fishlake area.

"The South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue teams are on hand to evacuate any Fishlake residents who may be stuck in their homes, and we urge everyone to take advantage of them.

"The council can not provide local residents with assistance in flood warning areas on the recommendation of the Environmental Protection Agency."