Winter weather will be snowy this weekend in most parts of the UK, causing problems for travelers in Scotland.

In much of Scotland, Northern Ireland and North East England, there is a yellow warning for Met Office by Saturday night. According to forecasts, snow could be up to 10 cm higher. Wind and rain are predicted for Wales, and strong gusts are expected on the south coast.

The police in Scotland warned motorists when the road conditions worsened on Saturday morning. "There is a yellow weather alert in many parts of the country today, and many areas are awakening to winter weather conditions," the troupe said in a statement. "Watch out for the streets and get ready for your journey. Slow and drive to the conditions. "

Several cars were on the M77 heading south at the Maidenhill exit near Newton Mearns in an accident, and part of the M8 was flooded in Paisley.

Luke Miall, a Met Office meteorologist, said, "We've installed some weather alerts across the UK today. In Scotland we probably see a good snow cover over 200 meters, where we could see 2 to 6 inches and maybe 10 inches over 400 meters. It is mostly higher, but this will affect some routes that pass through the Highlands and the central parts of Scotland.

"The other warning we have in place is for wind and that affects quite a bit from northwest England across Wales to the southern counties of England including London. Here we will see quite strong winds during the day, sweeping 45 km / h to 55 km / h in this area. "

Exposed and coastal areas could experience gusts of up to 65 miles per hour, he said. "The reason for all this is that we have a low pressure area that continues to move and will continue to cross Northern Ireland and parts of southern Scotland."

Heavy snow also fell overnight in parts of Northumberland, covering part of the A1 in Alnwick.

Temperatures will vary across the UK from around 12 to 13 ° C in the south, while some areas of Scotland will have difficulties over the freezing point, said Miall.

The worst winter weather will be over on Saturday night, with a firmer picture for Sunday.