Weather: Mostly Clear Skies Return to Central Texas | Video | Univision 41 San Antonio KWEX

shooting between factors butSeún is formed only so thatthe agents responded toplace.valeria: the conditions of thetime for today remainsquite calm,really a very scenedifferent from what we hadlast week, dearmostly clear.what I anticipate is thatsome light raincrossing part of thecoastal plains, nothing towe are agreeingseverely.these same rains werecaused after the passage ofa cold front that crossedour area at night ofyesterday something I really didn’thas caused majorcomplications or changes inour forecast.what we are seeing is thatgradually we will beincreasing the day of today,we stay in thosemiddle 30 the hill countryagainst marking 34, now forin the morning we will bemarking medians below 50 andeventually for the henoon and for the hours ofthe afternoon we will be markingThose half saints 60, aithan 65.68, those conditionsI love it, very the 90s, pollenwe maintain with conditionslow for the cedar than forthe nell predominates and with themushrooms, we have no mishapstoday, quite a few numbersmoderate.what we are watchingwas the next event ofrain coming in and thisbe for our ía

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