Weather: Utah: Tuesday with clear skies and moderate winds in Salt Lake City | Video | Univision 32 Salt Lake City KUTH

trowel.Elena: Greetings to you,Francisco and ourviewers. Happy Mondaystarting the work week.temperatures slightlydescended.everything is associated with afront system, a wire frontthat has left a mass of airthread. salt lake city and 59, 56in cedar city,provoke andthe winds have been strongand northeast winds withgusts up to 25 miles pertime in salt lake city. onsee nothing to the blasts ofwind have been close to40 miles per hour. the windsweaken, temperaturesrise and conditions goto be dry in all ourregon. heavens mostlysunny temperaturesUpcoming at 67 in Salt Lakecity. one was going quitenice, sunny blowing from thenorthwest for up to 10 miles the rest of the state,temperatures increase. onthe south of the state, close inthosemid 70’s in cedar the mind the temperature nois nothing of what is expectednext Thursday, whennext stage veryhighs 90s, hotintense for Thursday. sois that I recommend that youkeep well hydrated.limit outdoor activitiesfree between 12 o’clock and5:00 in the afternoon, which iswhen the temperatures go tobe alid. usensunscreen. check of noleave children and petsin the back seats,because in a few minutes, thetemperatures within avehicle can be lethal.returning the rains for himnext weekend and

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