Week 8 Shadowlands News

Don’t miss out on all the news from Week 8 of Shadowlands.

A new week has begun in Azeroth, because for players of World of Warcraft this starts on Wednesdays and not on Mondays. And I say this because we are facing the eighth week of Shadowlands, reset day, chest day, a special day for some and frustrating for all those who for the third time in a row I touch an irrelevant object.

As Blizzard has gotten used to us, in this save the Renown It has been increased to level 24 and as we improve it we will gain access to more content. For all those who keep the missions up to date, you will start at Renown level 21 and all those who lag behind or want to raise their AlterRemember that you can get extra points thanks to the activities listed below:



From level 22 of Renown We will have access to the last chapter of the Covenant Campaign. Hopefully at last all this puzzle that are the Shadowlands make some sense or at least until the next patch.

Upon completion we will get equipment upgrades and that is always very good news. All Honor PvP equipment and Covenant equipment can be upgraded to Ilvl 197 for 400 Anima points, if you previously upgraded them to 184. We will complete our equipment with an 187 weapon, which we will unlock in the form of a Token, and a mount.


Saddle lovers are in luck. We can acquire up to two of them just by completing the weekly content. In this case, in exchange for 5,000 souls, we can get hold of the reins of:


Upon reaching rank 24, the third and final Soul Nexus will finally be available. In addition to all the benefits that the new conduits will bring to the gameplay, we can get x15 Redeemed Soul. As you know, this will help us improve our Covenant Headquarters, such as the Anima Transport Network.

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