There are more highway closures that you need to watch out for this weekend. Start another block to allow crews to continue working on the new Loop 202 Interstate 10 interchange.

I-10 East closes on Friday at 9pm on 75th Avenue. and reopen on Saturday at 10 o'clock. The drivers have to get off and then at 75th Ave.

The Arizona Department of Transportation states that 75th Avenue on I-10 will be closed in both directions, as will the eastbound ramps at 91st and 83rd Avenues. Eastbound drivers of the I-10, however, can leave 75th Avenue and drive either north or south.

The 67th Avenue is also closed from 21.00 clock. Friday until 9pm Saturday, along with the east turnoff and turnoff west on 67th Avenue. The road to the west is closed between the 59th and 67th streets.

"Motorists heading north on 67th Avenue can drive east on the I-10 eastbound main road," ADOT officials said.

So plan extra time for the trip.