Werner Herzog

Apple reached an agreement in July with directors Clive Oppenheimer and Werner Herzog to develop a documentary. The idea was to explore how meteorites have impacted the landscapes and cultures of our planet. This new content on Apple TV + will be ready in November to be issued to all subscribers.

The documentary Fireball by directors Herzog and Oppenheimer “will go on an extraordinary journey to discover how shooting stars, meteorites and their impacts on earth they have focused human imagination on other realms and worlds. In our past, present and future ”.

The date chosen for the premiere will be November 13. We can see it through the Apple TV + subscription service at a cost of almost 5 euros per month. Unless you have purchased an Apple device, as they give you a one-year subscription. Now that the new iPhone is out and the first Macs with Apple Silicon are expected to arrive that November, it might not be a bad time to choose that free year.

Fireball, joins other existing documentaries already on Apple TV +, such as The Elephant Queen Y Beastie Boys Store. Although it is a platform intended more to host series and movies, it does not neglect quality content that entertains users. further success is guaranteed, coming from the hand of Herzog. A German director, documentary filmmaker, screenwriter, producer and actor, who has focused his career on films and documentaries,

In 1982 he won the best director award for the film Fitzcarraldo at the Cannes Film Festival. Also in the framework of the Cannes Film Festival, he won the Grand Jury Prize for the film “The enigma of Kaspar Hauser” in 1975. Finally, In 2009 he was named as one of the 100 most influential people.