Jonathan Kodjia prepares to go under the knife after a devastating collision on the training grounds with Aston Villa teammate Marvelous Nakamba.

The duo accidentally quarreled with heads – or rather faces – in Bodymoor Heath this week, and the Ivorian striker got a lot worse off.

"They picked a ball and crashed Marvelous's head must be a bit tougher," said Villa Manager Dean Smith.

"It was an injury at the training ground, he has beaten Marvelous's heads in a non-competitive part of the training.

Jonathan Kodjia
Jonathan Kodjia

"We thought it was okay, but they found a fracture in the hospital and he's under surgery so he will not be available for the next two or three weeks.

"He'll be back without a contact first, and we've seen how you can wear masks, and we'll certainly take a longer look at that."

"He was unlucky, the first challenge he faced in Tottenham when he came in. He suffered an ankle injury but from then on he had problems."

"But he's fit again, and the first thing he does is fight with Marvelous, he lands in the hospital and unfortunately needs surgery."

The injured team captain James Chester is back in training of the first team after a failure since January with a combination of knee and thigh problems.

"He's a great pro and a great leader in the locker room, so for me it's a bonus he's out there now," Smith added.

"Hopefully we can become more competitive with him in the next few weeks and arrange a few friendlies behind closed doors for him."