What are dark troopers?

You just watched episode 2×04 of The Mandalorian And you’re wondering: what are those droids – assuming they are droids – that appear in the final scene alongside Moff Gideon? Are they some kind of soldier or droid that we should know? Are they dark troopers, as the most hardcore fans have begun to speculate on forums and social networks? Knowing that he is a dark trooper is for note (knowing it at the same time the episode was released, before the opening credits began, I mean). Unless you are a gamer and know all the Star Wars video games, even if you have seen all three trilogies and have seen The Clone Wars Y Rebels, you probably don’t know what they are, even if they sound familiar. They are characters created for the game Dark Forces, popular among fans of the saga, also fans of video games in the mid-nineties, and who later reappeared in the Star Wars Battlefront video game series. Basically they are elite droids created with the same technology that Emperor Palpatine and his scientists used to rebuild the good (bad) of Anakin Sywalker and turn him into Darth Vader for good. They started out as cyborgs, half lifelong soldiers, half droids, but the program that created them led to droids. The cyborg models were destroyed by the New Republic before the destruction of the first Death Star. Why haven’t you ever seen them in the movies? Because they have never been part of the canon, neither pre-Disney nor post-Disney. So the question is: What are they doing now in The Mandalorian? Do they have, for example, something to do with Death Troopers, which are part of canon and we saw them in the final episode of season 1 of The Mandalorian? We go in parts.

We get rid of the second question, which is the easy one. No, they have nothing to do with Death Troopers, the soldiers of death. Death Troopers, unlike Storm Troopers and Scout Troopers, are elite soldiers of Imperial Intelligence, bodyguards and enforcers of Director Krennic, a high-ranking officer within the Empire’s Advanced Weapons Research division until. .. the Empire falls. Moff Gideon, they have not yet explained to us how, he manages to retain at least one squad of these elite soldiers. So still, waiting to see what happens, they are not death troopers.

Are they then a droid copy of the purge troopers, the soldiers of the purge? The purge troopers are Imperial soldiers trained and equipped to help the Inquisitors hunt down the Jedi and other Force-sentient beings that threatened the Empire. Most of the citizens of the Empire are not supposed to even know they exist, so it is normal that they do not sound like you. They were born in the comics, so it is normal that they do not sound like you. If you’ve seen the movies and The Clone Wars, the idea you had (we had) is that the purge had been done by the clone troopers to whom Palpatine had implanted a chip in their brains that activated Order 66.

So what are these black armored soldier droids that remind us of Dark Troopers? The Mandalorian series is supposed to follow the new canon, which leaves out a long list of creations that were part of the Extended Universe, so if they are Dark Troopers they are new Dark Troopers that they are going to present to us now. Which opens up a wide range of possibilities: they can be droids, but they can also be cyborgs. It’s not crazy to think that they could be droids that could somehow be inoculated with midichlorians. Suppose Moff Gideon was Force-sensitive …

These new elite droids are most likely a combination of all of the above, but a new creation for the series. Even if they borrow the name.

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