What did Llop say about the rumors about his departure from Platense?

The phrase “accelerate decisions” of the coach is clear. Platense added 7 defeats in 12 games and the radio corridor on his replacement began in Vicente López. However, Chocho warned: “I have the strength to reverse this moment.”


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Platense fell to the bottom of the table, next to Aldosivi Y Arsenal. His present is worrying because, beyond the negative results, the team has been playing badly, generates few situations and it costs him to convert. In fact, he is the one who scored the fewest goals in the Cup, with 8 goals.

“We have to show symptoms of rebellion in the face of this present. I have the strength and energy to reverse this moment “, express Juan Manuel Llop. In this way, the coach copes with rumors and the unbearable hallway radio that is generated in these cases.

However, a sentence in which he speaks of “Speed ​​up decisions” makes it clear that something has already happened: “The relegation is being played but there is still a very important time to be defined. There is a lot of time to be able to reverse the situation. After 22 years in the B nobody wants to return again. That may accelerate decisions and make people uncomfortable. ”

The wear is palpable. Just three months after promotion to First, the feat seems to have been left behind. “After the game with Central, you have to do balance sheets and analysis of returns. We had a lot of inconveniences: the fact of starting very quickly, how difficult it was for us to recruit players … There are a lot of situations that at the moment it is not convenient to list them “.

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There are 11 points that the Squid gathers in the Cup. On the last date, you will receive Rosario Central in Vicente López, where he will try to win for the first time since the contest began. For now, El Chocho will direct the next game and then it will be seen. He has not even signed a contract in this last period, although the main idea is that their relationship will end on December 31. “There is still a game to go and we are not far from reaching the goal in terms of points. If we beat Rosario Central we can be above four or five teams on the average ”, finished off.

Platense vs Students

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