What do we know about B2002, Apple’s mystery product 02/18/2021

About Apple’s B2002 Patent

Apple driving license B2002

At the end of October 2020, Apple registered an unknown product in the Bluetooth technologies database. The name of the patent used as reference is B2002, and it was within the Personal Computer category, that is, it could be some model of personal computer. As for the date, it appears marked as TBD (To Be Determined), that is, it was yet to be confirmed. Therefore, the uncertainty about this mysterious product is total, especially when talking about the Cupertino firm, which has an immense legion of fans around the world and every movement is analyzed with a magnifying glass.

In that same database other Mac computers have also appeared with the new M1 chip, that is, the one created under Apple Silicon, once they left their Intel era behind. But then what will the B2002 be? What will be the commercial name of the product? When will it be presented?

As you could see in the patent database, the Apple B2002 was under the category of personal computer, and in the description it appeared as “Controller + Hast + Profile Subsystem“. In addition to that, the publication date 22-10-2020 also appears, and the official Web de Apple.

With all that information, there are many things that could be the B2002, and there has been a lot of rumor about the future products that the brand could launch soon, such as a new Apple TV box, AirTags, new Mac with M1 chip, etc. Any of those products could fit under the information we have now …

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