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After the impact of the powerful winter storm, dozens of Texans face damage to their homes from broken pipes and flooding, which may take time to repair amid a shortage of plumbers and contractors where it will be an “exceptional event” of claims for insurance companies.

Alicia Bonaguro, from the city of Houston, was able to quickly stop the water seepage when a pipe burst in her bathroom, she told Univision Noticias. His neighbor, however, has spent days with a waterfall that runs down his kitchen and bathroom. Bonaguro said that they have not found a plumber to stop her, nor have they been able to identify where the water comes from.

In cases like these The question arises as to what steps to take, who to turn to, and whether these types of floods are covered by homeowners insurance or a homeowner insurance.

“The vast majority of the claims that we are seeing are for broken pipes in walls or ceilings, and that is why houses have been flooded, not because of water that comes from outside, so we refer to this as water damage, not a flood “and this is covered by this type of policy, Camille García, director of communications for the Insurance Council of Texas. In the box below we explain:

“We are used to the severe weather in Texas, with tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, but they only happen in one city or one area. This time, the entire state was impacted (…) so there will be many complaints and it will be a challenging time for Texas, “Garcia glimpsed.

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“We are seeing from small damages to significant losses in homes and businesses, and it is difficult to pin down the estimated damage … It will be a long time before we understand the cost of this event, but we know it will be exceptional,” he added in a telephone conversation .

Here’s what insurance experts recommend in these cases:

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