What happened on May 4?

On a day like today, a May 4, 1959 the first edition of the Grammy Awards is held. The first major awards show in the music industry was presented by comedian Mort Sahl and was held in two places at the same time: at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles and at the Park Sheraton Hotel in New York. The most nominated artist was Frank Sinatra with six nominations in total but it was Domenico Modugno who was the big winner of the night.

On the other hand, the May 4th is celebrated on Star Wars day. This day was chosen for the English word play of ‘May the 4th’ in allusion to the famous phrase from George Lucas’ saga ‘May the force be with you’. However, it was not until 1979, two years after the premiere of ‘Star Wars’, when members of the conservative party congratulated through a publication in the British newspaper ‘London Evening’ with this phrase to Margaret Thatcher after becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

You want to know more? Check the ephemeris of May 4 and discover what happened, who was born and who died on a day like today. Also, do not miss what is celebrated on May 4, the horoscope and today’s saints.

What happened on May 4?

1917: Nicaragua breaks diplomatic relations with Germany in the framework of the First World War.

1919: Movement of May 4 in China.

1922: England and Italy recognize the Government of the Soviets.

1931: The Government of Spain agrees on a new electoral system.

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1939: Spain withdraws from the League of Nations.

1949: All members of the Torino squad die in a plane crash.

1954: United States detonates the ‘Yankee’ hydrogen bomb.

1964: Premiere of the film ‘La verbena de la Paloma’, by José Luis Sáenz de Heredia, in Spain.

1970: Spanish tennis player Manuel Santana wins the Puerta de Hierro International Tournament in Madrid.

1976: Foundation of the newspaper ‘El País’ in Madrid.

1979: Constitution of the new Senate in Spain.

1979: Margaret Thatcher is elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, becoming the first woman to hold the position in the country.

1990: Biochemist Santiago Grisolía receives the Prince of Asturias Award for Scientific and Technical Research.

1994: The European Parliament approves the entry of Finland, Norway, Austria and Sweden into the European Union.

2000: The ‘ILoveYou’ computer virus paralyzes millions of computers around the world.

Who was born on May 4?

1908: Giovanni Guareschi, Italian writer and journalist

1921: Harry Daghlian, American physicist

1929: Audrey Hepburn, actriz belga

1933: Manuel Pareja Obregón, Spanish composer

1939: Paul Gleason, American actor

1946: John Watson, Irish pilot

1951: Gérard Jugnot, French actor and filmmaker

1977: Emily Perkins, Canadian actress

1987: Jorge Lorenzo, Spanish pilot

1993: Dorian Finney-Smith, American basketball player

Who died on May 4?

1935: Narciso Díaz de Escovar, Spanish poet

1949: Valentino Mazzola, Italian futbolist

1964: Ramón Barba Guichard, Spanish sculptor and draftsman

1969: Osbert Sitwell, British writer

1973: Jane Bowles, American writer

2010: Ángel Cristo, Spanish circus trainer and businessman

2014: Elena Baltacha, British tennis player

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2015: Jesús Hermida, Spanish journalist

What is celebrated on May 4?

May 4 is Star Wars Day and International Firefighters Day.

Horoscope for May 4

Everyone who was born on May 4 has the zodiac sign Taurus according to the horoscope.

Santoral of May 4

Saint Antonina of Nicea, Saint Florian, Saint Pelagia, Saint Silvanus of Gaza, Saint Joseph María Rubio, Saint Ciríaco, Saint Curcódomo, Saint Ricardo Reynolds.

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