What happened to the life of Sarah Spencer, Lady Di’s sister who dated Prince Charles

Before meeting Diana, Prince Charles had a brief romantic relationship with Sarah Spencer, the princess’s older sister. She was the one who introduced them and changed their lives forever Credit: Instagram

If there was a person who Prince carlos he did not expect it to change his life forever it was Lady Sarah Spencer, whom he dated in 1977. They even enjoyed a brief courtship: he with 28 years and she with 22, came to travel together to the Swiss ski resort Klosters.

Everything was going well until Sarah ruined her chances when she spoke to James Whittaker. In a conversation with the journalist from The Mirror, said she was not in love of the prince, who would not marry him whether he was the king of England or a garbage collector. What no one imagined is the revealing data that appears in the last season of The Crown, the series of Netflix It portrays the history of the British crown.

Carlos visits Althorp, the Spencer residence to search for Sarah and, while waiting for her, supposedly Diana appears in disguise of a character in the play Summer night Dream. Actually, their first interaction wasn’t that ideal., according The Guardian Y The Independent: Sarah introduced her sister to the prince on one of his visits. “I am Cupid,” he told The Guardian at the time. An article from Daily Times He tells that they went in a group to hunt pheasants and that there the future couple exchanged some first words.

At that time, Carlos was famous for his film in a series of casual romances. So much so that the media called their girlfriends “Charlie’s Angels.” Sarah was just one of dozens of girls who dated him during the 1970s in his attempt to forget Camilla Parker Bowles. But, encouraged by his late Uncle Dickie, when the heir met Diana he decided she was the right one to be the future queen of England.

The news followed the lives of Diana and Carlos, but Sarah continued to be a key part of the history of the royal family. After dating the prince, married Neil McCorquodale in 1980 and still today, after 40 years, they are still together. The couple have three children: Emily, George, and Celia.

Sarah’s life was left in darkness until the tragic death of Lady Di, when she flew to france along with Carlos and Lady Jane Fellowes, the other sister of the princess to look for the body.

Sarah read at the funeral and a few months later became president of Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, a charity dedicated to continuing her sister’s charitable work, which ceased operations in 2012. The fund, which still received money from donors through the Royal Foundation, was later divided between Prince William and Prince Harry for their respective organizations.

While he held that role, and also after, Sarah stayed close to her nephews and attended both weddings. “Harry has always been in close contact with the Spencers and they have all received invitations to the wedding,” a source told Vanity Fair.

In addition, Sarah was present at the baptism of Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, son of the prince Harry y Meghan Markle. According E!, Diana often referred to Prince Harry as “my little Spencer” due to his “striking resemblance to his Aunt Sarah.”



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