What is Bachelor in Paradise doing, Jenna Cooper

After introducing her partner Karl to the world, Jenna announced she was pregnant on Instagram in a sincere letter addressed to her baby girl. “Dear Baby, I hope you know that I already love you more than I could have imagined,” he shared, adding that he would completely support his son in pursuing all his goals in life. He continued, “I hope you can get my spirit and sense of humor, and never stop laughing. I hope you can get your father’s thoughtfulness and work ethic, and never stop being. curious.”

Speaking to The News & Observer, Jenna has revealed that their baby is due in May. Noting that he sees his relationship with Karl last forever, he told the publication that he is looking forward to their future with their daughter. Jenna continued, “Our friends and family are so extraordinary and supportive and we couldn’t be happier.”

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