What is COVID-19 fatality and what is the current average in Mexico

What is COVID-19 fatality and what is the current average in Mexico (Photo: Jacky Muniello / Europa Press)

In Mexico, During the last 24 hours, 165 deaths from coronavirus were reported, which leaves an average mortality of 1.9 until epidemiological week 45, as well as a fatality of 3.3% in the same period of time.

Although they may seem synonymous, according to the Undersecretary of Health Promotion and Prevention, Hugo López-Gatell each has its relevance within epidemiology, as well as the numbers of the pandemic in our country.

On the one hand, he explained that mortality “Its about number of cases or people who unfortunately lose their lives, divided by the population that has the phenomenon and can lose their lives; that is to say, the population that lives in a state, in a country or the whole world ”.

The foregoing means the probability or risk that a person dies from COVID-19 in the period of the pandemic, in this case within Mexican territory. Until now, the national average is 77.4, while at week 45 of the epidemic it is 1.9.

On the other hand, lethality Its about “Number of people who lose their lives due to COVID, but divided among the people who have been identified as having the disease”, According to the public official.

In other words, it’s about the probability of dying that a person has if they become infected of COVID-19. The national average is 9.8%, while the national average until week 45 it is 3.3%.

In addition, López-Gatell indicated that lethality could be interpreted as an indicator of success or failure in disease care, but not as an indicator of the quality of medical care in health centers.

“Mortality concerns the general risk that we all have, fortunately it is a considerably small risk, no matter how important the epidemic is and how dramatic the loss of each one of the lives is,” said the undersecretary.

(Photo: Europa Press)

(Photo: Europa Press)

In Mexico confirmed one million 11 thousand 153 infections accumulated coronavirus until July 30, 2020, but only 20,582 were considered as active; that is, they presented the symptoms of the disease during the last 14 days.

Of the total, 48.91% are women and 51.09% are men. In addition, 22.19% were hospitalized for different levels of severity, while 77.81% were able to continue their recovery from home with all the necessary protocols.

The entities with the highest number of active cases of SARS-CoV-2 are Mexico City, Nuevo León, Guanajuato, Querétaro, Coahuila, Jalisco and Durango, which as a whole concentrate the 56% of cases in the country.

The General Directorate of Epidemilogy also confirmed that 373,567 people continue to await their results and they were considered suspected of carrying the SARS-CoV-2 virus. An estimated 757,951 recovered were also registered, as well as one million 233 thousand 643 negative diagnoses.

Regrettably 99,026 Mexicans have also died. 36.19% are women, while the remaining 63.81% are men. On the other hand, it was indicated that 89.12% died in the hospital and 10.88% did so in circumstances outside the hospitals.

Among the people who died, the main comorbidities found were hypertension with 45.35%, diabetes with 38.56%, obesity with 23.96% and lastly, smoking with 8.03%.


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