What is the best way to claim compensation for lost luggage?

Q My suitcase was lost on a flight from the UK to Spain last August and has not been traced. Not only was it extremely difficult at the time, but when I filed a claim (backed by receipts) for nearly £ 3,400, I was only offered a little over £ 900. Only my suitcase cost me £ 349 and I only used it on four previous occasions. After five months of stress, I decided to accept the offer because I came to the conclusion that I will never be treated fairly. Can you help me get a fair deal?

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A I’m sorry for your frustrating and upsetting experience. I do everything possible to urge travelers to carry hand luggage, if possible, because it reduces the risk of loss. However, I recognize that this is not practicable for everyone. If you check in your baggage and never review it, you have to rely on two elements: the Montreal Convention, which regulates international air travel and in particular compensation payments, and your travel insurance.


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