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22.11.2020 23:37Up

Baby Yoda dies in the show is about as likely as a chicken plays baseball, except for second-rate Disney movies that doesn’t happen.

Furthermore, it is entirely possible that Ahsoka should be in the grass here, BUT not now.

Interestingly, after episode 9 it got quiet around certain questions, many people heard Ahsoka in Rey’s vision and tweeted Filoni questions, asked him about them and Filoni said nothing, but I am happy to be taught a better one. Furthermore, the USA and thus LF’s immediate audience is currently a little depressed (there is really nothing positive about their location at the moment) and Ahsoka has become a fan favorite. Ben Solo aka Kylo Ren was killed and yes … let’s not talk about it, they killed a fan favorite because they believed it would be well received and now the sales figures for merchandising are stagnating, mainly because of Corona, but also because nobody finds anything he really wants to have.

Disney has its worst fiscal year since the 1980s and I think that will prevent any fan favorite from dying right now. They want money and Ahsoka stuff sells very well, Yoda baby stuff not as much as it did in the beginning, but still better than anything ST-related.
Speaking of which, there are comics that play in the ST after TroS, but the sales figures have probably remained very below expectations. In any case, the advertising for these films has been severely cut back recently, which only confirms that the LF is currently trying to distance itself from these films.

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That this Yoda baby would fall into the hands of the empire again was foreseeable, the only question is how that happens.


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