What is the job offer that offended Meghan Markle?

The duchess received an unusual proposal from a digital platform, the talks of the project occurred before the couple gave up being part of royalty.

The Duchess of Sussex was offended when a content company offered her to host a television show, not at all commensurate with her role within the royal family at the time. This event occurred on January 30, 2019, a year before the couple retired as members of the company.

According to a Daily Mail publication, the dukes met at that time with the now defunct Quibi company, a streaming platform designed to show short clips on mobile devices. The tabloid says that the meeting took place in Kensington Palace, the official residence of the couple.

The program was quite peculiar: pets and princesses. According to the newspaper, “Jeffrey thought both puppies and princesses sold well, so if you put them together you had a good commercial product.”

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However, according to Dayly Mail sources, none of the proposed projects reached a good point, even the platform disappeared.

This finding raises a contradiction with respect to the statements of the couple in the interview given to Oprah, where they said that before resigning from the Crown, in January 2020, “they had no future plans” and that they had only signed millionaire contracts with Netflix and Spotify after the royal family cut off their financial aid.

Possible sustainable travel programs and others about Harry’s charitable interests in Africa were also discussed. In addition, the possibility of a documentary narrated by Meghan about nature was discussed.

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The British media assures that the prince had another conversation with the Quibi executives in January 2020, but after that last meeting the project came to nothing.

Katzenberg is a prominent figure in the Hollywood entertainment industry. He was in charge of the Disney studios and founded Dreamworks with Steven Spielberg. In 2018 Katzenberg, along with former eBay number one, Meg Whitman, launched Quibi, which closed after seven months due to lack of funds. The platform offered short episodes, designed to be viewed from mobile by a viewer who did not have much time.

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The royal couple, through their production company, Archewell Productions, already have their first project for Netflix: a documentary series about the Invictus Games, which Harry co-founded in 2014.

Markle, who is in the final stretch of her pregnancy, and her husband signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract with Netflix last September, shortly after leaving behind their obligations as members of the royal family, to produce films, documentaries and shows. children. They were also hired by Spotify.

“From the moment I met them, it was clear that Invictus Games hold a very special place in their hearts, and I couldn’t be happier that their first series is showing that to the world in a way never seen before,” said Ted Sarandos, director of content at Netflix.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were the subject of a major controversy in March when, in a CBS interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan accused the British royal family of racism and singled out Buckingham Palace for perpetuating lies about her and Harry. He also admitted that he had suicidal thoughts due to pressure from the press.

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