What is the novelty called ‘Dolby Vision’ of the iPhone 12?

There is no doubt that the Apple event where the new iPhone 12 was presented has left a lot of excitement and expectations of the novelties it has, but among all you are a new feature was released for video recording called Dolby Vision, but what is this?

Dolby Vision

Apple announced Dolby Vision as a new feature for the iPhone 12, through a demonstration featuring a short film showing the great results, it was also mentioned that this feature was partially exclusive of film productions or series with large budgets. However, this would change because Apple has just introduced this experience to smartphones.

Dolby Vision is an HDR format developed by Dolby Labs, a company in charge of creating techniques and technologies to improve professional cinema. What Dolby Vision does is a constant image adjustment to optimize each frame to capture details with better color accuracy.

That is, Apple’s Dolby Vision enables real-time recordings to optimize frame-by-frame image capture for improve image displayed on the device and on compatible displays or televisions.

Dolby Vision

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“The first camera to record in Dolby Vision” This is how Dolby Vision is presented to Apple users, offering a cinematic experience with the iPhone 12, because in addition to the possibility of recording in 4K resolution at 60 f / s, new possibilities have also been added that achieve 10-bit shots in HDR video with 4k resolution and up to 30 f / s.

This allows the iPhone 12 cameras to be able to capture up to 700 million colors, make recordings with more light despite being made at night and obtain totally professional videos.

These videos can be edited using the iMovie, Clips and even Photos applications, which will have the compatibility making adjustments to color, size, cropping, and more.

iPhone 12 Dolby Vision

This is one of the novelties that has attracted the most attention, recording with these characteristics opens the doors to creativity and professionalism. In addition, it is already known that when buying an iPhone 12 Apple will give the user 1 year of Apple TV + and three months of Apple Arcade for free.

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