Scott Brown led the success at Ibrox as Celtic followed the hosts from the first whistle.

Rangers was immediately on the back foot of Odsonne Edouard's direct contact after the kickoff – but the captain of Hoops laughed at the suggestion that it had been his idea.

Brown said, "I turned and said," What the hell are you doing, Odson? "

"I said to push her up the park first. I wanted the ball to come back first, but my French is not what it used to be!

"It was the first time we made it and we got something from it, it was a small change."

Edouard was more subtle with his grand opening goal that day, and Brown supports his colleague for the top.

He said, "You look at him and you look at Moussa Dembele, they came here to show how good they were and they turn up in big games.

"Odsonne was a breath of fresh air. We all knew that Moussa would eventually go and he would have to rise, but he has done phenomenally well.

"He also does that for French U21 Americans and Celtic. I hope he does that and that is the test. He has to do it week after week. Moussa did it week after week and got a huge pull.

"We want to make sure Odsonne does it week after week, but that he stays with us.

"He is very quiet, very chilled, he plays the same way, he is relaxed on the ball, he never gets angry with anyone.

"He does these runs and if it does not work, he does not raise his arms and yell at everyone.

"That makes him the fantastic striker he is.

"He's happy like Larry when someone else scores, when he scores, he looks kinda happy! I think he's happy to be here!

"Seriously, he talks away because his English is getting better and he's a good guy in the locker room, even when he's quiet and keeping to himself."

Christopher Jullien and Boli Bolingoli said their impressive Ibrox shows were inspired by Brown's attitude and desire. Neil Lennon needs the influence of Brown and the skipper's colleagues feed on his leadership.

While pretending not to remember how he hit his chest and yelled at a point, Brown was pleased with the responsibility and said, "I try to do what I do best, close the ball get to be brave and dictate the game. That's what Callum McGregor does.

"We all do it in different ways. James Forrest picks it up with men, Odsonne puts the ball in the top corner or sits down and takes the ball while he receives the hits for the team. Everyone has their way to lead. "