What the Met Office says about “20 inches of snow forecast” this month

So right after Storm Dennis, it looks like bad weather will continue in the coming weeks.

Some forecasts argue that next week it will be freezing cold, with temperatures going down to -6 ° C.

The Express says heavy snow is expected in Scotland in late February (up to 20 inches), while other parts of the UK will be hit by the freezing blast later in March.

However, the Met Office’s long-term weather forecast tells a different story, warning the British to expect “unstable and windy conditions” in the coming weeks, with rain drifting east across the UK.

You may see some snow in Scotland and hilly areas in late February, but occasional rain, ice and thunderstorms have been expected in the rest of the UK.

The UK is just recovering from Storm Dennis

At the end of February and until March, rain is expected to be more intense in cities in the western and north-western areas “especially on the hills”.

Hail and thunder are also possible during rain breaks.

If you hope to escape the rain and bad weather, your best chance is to head south or east, but wrap yourself in the heat, since in these areas cold and freezing conditions are expected, bringing frost during the night.

In March, heavy rains and strong winds are expected to beat the North West, which will persist until the middle of the month.

Drier conditions are expected in the southern and eastern parts of the country.

However, temperatures “should remain above average, with any cold intervals kept fairly short”, to the great relief of the British who are unable to handle other adverse weather conditions.

What are the weather forecasts today?

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Today, heavy rain is expected (February 20), followed by colder conditions with sunny intervals and showers.

Hail has also been predicted, with snow sometimes forecasted in the north and hilly areas.

Tonight, rain will persist in the northern areas but will clear elsewhere in the UK, bringing frost in places.


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