The ongoing war between the BBC and Downing Street over the future of the canon is among the stories that lead the Saturday newspapers.

The Daily Express claims that scrapping free TV licenses for retirees would lead to “chaos”.

In the meantime the Daily mail leads with an interview with veteran broadcaster David Dimbleby, in which he agitates Boris Johnson for conducting a “pernicious” attack on the BBC.

A week after the death of Caroline Flack, the Daily mirror is Star of the day report on the loving tribute of ex-boyfriend Danny Cipriani to the ex-conductor of Love Island.

Somewhere else, Times with Ryanair’s chief Michael O’Leary, leads the request to profile Muslim men at the airports because “that’s where the threat comes from”.

Staying on the topic of terrorism, The Guardian He says teachers and doctors who investigate the government’s prevention strategy may inadvertently induce counter-terrorism investigations.

An unregulated carbon market is fooling consumers who try to offset their emissions, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The I Ofsted’s research reports have revealed a debt crisis that plagues many of the nation’s schools.

The Financial Times leads with a repression of the HMRC on wealthy families.

The government refuses to release a review of the characteristics of the gangs to govern, according to The independent.

IS The sun says British footballer Chris Smalling is “devastated” after his dog died of suspected poisoning.