The A-LEVEL results day is here and young people across the country will undoubtedly be full of fear and anticipation as they set out to collect their results.

But what did the kings achieve with their high school diploma?

    Harry left Eton College in 2003


Harry left Eton College in 2003Credit: Getty Images – Getty

When it comes to the test results of the Royals, it is undoubtedly a mixed bag, with Princess Eugenie, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle as star students in the lead.

Prince William and Prince Harry did not fare too well, though Wills seems to be more academic than his younger brother.

Although she was "able to learn", the queen reportedly had "little opportunity for permanent learning" as a child and spent much of her time teaching at home and learning about the monarchy.

The following has reached every member of the royal family in its results …

Prince William

    Wills has three degrees


Wills has three degreesCredit: Getty – Contributor

Wills received ABC in his baccalaureate exams – an A in Geography, a B in Art and a C in Biology.

He attended St. Andrews University, where he first studied art history before moving to geography.

Kate Middleton

    Kate was a star student


Kate was a star studentCredit: Handout – Getty

Kate, a * student, earned an A in Mathematics, an A in Arts, and a B in English before completing her studies at St. Andrews University with a 2: 1 in art history.

Prince Harry

    Harry was not as academic as his older brother


Harry was not as academic as his older brotherPhoto credits: AP: Associated Press

Prince Harry received a B in Arts and a D in Geography, decided against the University and joined the army instead.

Meghan Markle

    Meg went on to bag a double major


Meg went on to bag a double majorCredit: Getty – Contributor

When Meghan grew up in America, her education system was different from the rest of the royal family, but it is reported that she was an A * student.

Although it is not known what grade Meghan has achieved, at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, she has gotten everything she needed to complete a dual degree in theater and international relations.

Prince Charles

    Charles landed in Cambridge, where he scored a 2-2


Charles landed in Cambridge, where he scored a 2-2Credit: Getty – Contributor

Prince Charles achieved two A levels, a B in history and a C in French

He drove on to Cambridge, scoring a 2-2 in history.

The Queen

    The queen did not take an academic exam


The queen did not take an academic examCredit: Getty – Contributor

The Queen has never taken an academic exam and therefore has no A-Level results.

It is reported that her Maj spent most of her childhood only one and a half hours in the morning at home, before spending the rest of the day playing, dancing and singing.

She also received lessons in constitutional history to prepare for her role as a monarch.

Professor Kate Williams, author of Young Elizabeth, told Good housekeeping: "The father of the queen did not like the school and her mother found it more important to have fun.

"The lack of formal education did not hurt her, because she is by nature analytical and self-taught and works hard – what we know now is just as important as raw brainpower."

Princess Beatrice

    Beatrice studied theater, history and film studies


Beatrice studied theater, history and film studiesCredit: Getty – Contributor

Beatrice completed her high school diploma with ABB after studying theater, history and film studies.

She then went on to bag a 2: 1 from Goldsmiths, University of London in the history of ideas.

Princess Eugenie

    Eugenie reached AAB


Eugenie reached AABPicture credits: PA: Press Association

Eugenie is considered to be the smartest queen who has achieved an A in art, an A in English literature and a B in art history.

She attended Newcastle University, studied English literature, art history and politics and graduated with a 2: 1.


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