What time do you expect the arrival of the strong storm in La Plata

The meteorologists of La Plata expect for this afternoon the advance of unstable weather conditions over the northeast of the province of Buenos Aires and the arrival to the city, at night, of a strong storm with gusts of wind and even the possible fall of hail.

According to the experts, Isolated rainfall could be registered during the late afternoon, but the greatest intensity is expected tonight and early Friday.. The bad weather conditions will last until Saturday, inclusive; and probably until Sunday, with temporary improvements.

Along these lines, the director of Hydrometeorology of the Municipality of La Plata, Mauricio Saldívar, he explained to 0221.com.ar that A meteorological watch will be established on the evolution of the weather and there will be an update in even hours of the conditions of the event in the official channels of the area.

“We want people to be calm and sure that they will have the information to weather the storm in the best way”, said Saldívar.

The Commune also took the opportunity to make suggestions for the neighbors and avoid inconveniences during the phenomenon:

  1. Clean drains, roofs and gutters of houses to avoid additional problems to the rains.

  2. Avoid circulation outside the homes during stormy hours

  3. Do not remove waste

  4. In case of emergency, residents can contact Civil Protection at 103


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