What to do in Barcelona today, Friday, April 9, 2021

Despite all the inconveniences derived from the current health situation, the theater world does not cease to offer interesting proposals to attract the public. There’s no giving up here. These days one of the most attractive is being celebrated, it is the Mutis Festival, dedicated to independent theater, emerging companies and new creation, that is, the theater of the present and the one that will mark the future. It consists of about 60 proposals that include dance, performance, physical theater, dramatized readings, workshops, microtheater or live writing and are offered until Sunday 18 in various spaces of the city as civic centers or spaces of private or municipal management distributed by Barcelona, ​​but also by Sant Adrià del Besòs and L’Hospitalet del Llobregat. Given such a volume of supply we have requested the collaboration of the directors of the contest, Alberto Rizzo and Alba Saura, so that they select us the 10 essential appointments of this twelfth edition. We recommend purchasing tickets as soon as possible as, due to capacity restrictions, they sell out quickly.

‘OFEC / Brexshit’ (The Cyclicals / Katharsis)

“Two dance proposals by young companies, full of strength and dynamism, that show how the new generations have been stomping. Ofec, from Les Cícliques, represents the oppression of patriarchy over women and how she uses sisterhood to empower and free herself, while Brexshit, by Katharsis, is a physical piece that explores the reaction to the British referendum from the perspective of young women from working-class neighborhoods Londoners ”.

Nau Ivanow. Friday 9, at 6.30 p.m. From 10 to 12 euros.

‘The human voice’ (Solo de Solos)

‘Five hours with Mario’ (Mutis by the Forum)

“An essential piece by Miguel Delibes, who this season is celebrating the centenary of his birth and which brings the young Navarrese company Mutis por el Foro, the main university theater of the University of Navarra, to Barcelona. Let us remember that the play is a monologue in which a woman who has just become a widow addresses her husband and reviews their life in common amid criticisms, reproaches and suspicions ”.

Ateneu Adrianenc (Sant Adrià del Besòs). Sunday 11, at 6 p.m. 6 euros.

‘H (X) ME (lajaula)’ (Suture Collective)

“It’s a work in progress with post-performance colloquium, creation of the Sutura Collective, a proposal born from the Tísner de Cotxeres i Borrell Laboratory where young voices seek their expressive channels combining diverse creative languages. It is about four young people with dissident identities who present themselves in a domestic space, where bodies escape their human component to traverse familiar scenes opening their meanings and posing the various languages ​​and imaginaries that live inside this cage ”.

CC Cotxeres Borrell. Monday 12, at 7 p.m. Reverse box office.

‘Washla Laboratories or you have to kill daddy’ (From the Other Side)

“Collective creation of a company formed by Latin American artists settled in Barcelona who have been developing work of great interest. In this proposal they take us into a dystopian future where reality has been taken and only the warehouse of the laboratories and its three private residents are held in it under the implementation of contradictory protocols. For them, traveling to childhood, waging war or loving again will make no sense if reality is not recovered first ”.

CC Cotxeres Borrell. Tuesday 13, at 7 p.m. From 10 to 12 euros.

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‘Tagó (Hidden): Filipinos in Barcelona’ (Berjer B. Capati)

“Piece by the playwright Berjer B. Capati, it is a proposal of deep interest that revises the history of Philippine migration in Barcelona in a funny, poignant text, as sensitive as it is daring in its approach and that helps us to build more on the multicultural identity of Barcelona. It aims to show the history of the first Filipino immigrants in the 70s and 80s, who ended up being marginalized in a modern and multicultural city ”.

CC Cotxeres Borrell. Wednesday 14, at 7 p.m. From 10 to 12 euros.

‘Amniótica’ (Producciones El Dramaturgo)

“A play that comes from Cádiz in a continuous commitment to the new dramaturgy. In this case, through the words of José Mateos, we delve into the story of astronaut Tom Major, evicted and surrendered in space before a failure in his spaceship. As his oxygen runs out, he has a conversation with a NASA astrophysicist about the role of human beings on Earth, death, love … and other issues that philosophy has always raised throughout history. A monologue that is reaping important successes and that we welcome with great enthusiasm in Barcelona ”.

CC Parc Sandaru. Thursday, 15, at 7 p.m. Reverse box office.

‘Lara Hierro: Monologue for a moving body’ (Constance Hurlé)

‘Snowflake’s last words’ (Dispunyia Complèxica)

Juan Mayorga placeholder image He is already a classic author of current dramaturgy, one of the key voices to understand the stage present and, within the festival, the Dispunyia Complèxica company brings us this work in which Snowflake wants to speak and make three statements before he dies. The first concerns the late Chu Lin. The second is a message to the children of Barcelona. The third, a definitive answer to the question: Does God exist? “

Fabra i Coats: Creation factory. Saturday 17, at 6 p.m. From 10 to 12 euros.

‘On the other side (side of the sea)’ (Karmate)

“A hybrid work of the Karmate company of great beauty that presents three stories about migration that are intertwined between poetry, music and physical theater. Who are they? How are they built? What builds them? Three Latin American artists settled in Barcelona who recreate through this work their own life and that of many other people ”.

Fabra i Coats: Creation factory. Sunday 18, at 8:30 p.m. From 10 to 12 euros.


We also recommend two other youth works included in the festival and that were recently commented on in this section, Let me down slowly, a portrait of the relationships between twentysomethings in the 21st century in which the public has a very active participation (Nau Ivanow. Friday 9, 8:30 p.m., from 10 to 12 euros) and Nausea, focused on the broken dreams of thirty-somethings who discover that reality will not be as they imagined (Fabra i Coats: Fábrica de creació. Saturday, 17th, at 8pm. From 10 to 12 euros). A little over a week to enjoy the talent of new companies and when the artists leave and say goodbye to be able to applaud them very very loudly.

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