What to do on the coldest Valentine of all time?

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It’s Valentine’s Day and it’s cold!

As if the pandemic was not enough punishment, this February 14 it will be one of the coldest days in Monterrey in recent times, and we are not referring to the cold in the hearts of those who will not have someone to celebrate with, but to the passage of the arctic wave through the region, which will cause temperatures close to two degrees below zero just the Valentine’s Day.

But do not worry; a bit of glacial cold It should not be an excuse for this Valentine not to be a date that your partner and you can remember for years to come.

In this list we will review the activities you can do from the comfort of your home, protected from Covid-19 and the cold; go for it!

1- First of all, big coat!


The day is tomorrow but you can start from today.

Protecting yourself from the cold with the clothing you hold your hand is essential to cope with the freezing temperatures that await us; don’t skimp on sweaters, jackets and coats, one less layer can pay dearly.

And since you’re at it, protect your pets; A chihuahua in a sweater may look funny, but it’s better than looking half dead. Although they don’t tell you, they are cold too.

2- Gentle rompers or pajamas combined


A great way to bond with your significant other is make a fool of yourself at the same time, and what better way than to get into the increasingly popular fashion geek proudly wearing a combo outfit that speaks to your nerdy tastes.

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Since Star Wars until Game of Thrones Y Star TrekThese atrocities can be found almost anywhere and are a great way to spend an afternoon of movies at home.

Needless to say, this activity is for exclusive use of interiors; If they go out into the street together they are only shouting at the world that, apart from dressing in terrible taste, they have nothing in common and they will end up cutting in two months.

3- For a good love, a good pork rind


Nothing says’I love youtaller and better than a good pressed pork rinds, and we did not invent it here.

In Monterrey there is an almost pagan cult of pork rinds and, at least in previous years, the city’s butchers they got creative with their products and offered interesting variants for the Valentine’s Day.

The most prominent of all is the famous ‘chicharrón bouquet‘from the legendary Ramos butcher shop, a product that mixes the romanticism of a flower arrangement with hands full of fat that causes the ingestion of pork rinds, a winning combination clearly.

4- Articles of Tigers and Stripes for the cold


If your partner is still saddened by the defeat of Tigres in the Club World Cup Final, there is nothing better than comforting them with a warm item from your favorite team, specially designed to mend your heart broken by those infamous Germans.

From jackets to scarves, the offer is truly wide and has the potential to cheer up your partner even in these dark moments; for the Rayados there is also, of course, although popular belief indicates that they are already more used to the cold.

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If you do not know your partner well, or they do not have an identifiable personality outside of yell at him in front of the television every two weeks to guys who earn much more than he does, he seriously considers this option.

5- For any evil, mezcal …

Mezcal bottles  scaledMezcal bottles  scaled

Did you know that mezcal is one of the most used drinks to mitigate the cold?

Neither do we because it just occurred to usBut think about it: a bottle of mezcal (or any liquor, we are not fussy here) is a great option for forget about the cold for a moment and lose the inhibitions associated with the date.

We recommend something versatile to be able to make a considerable variety of drinks and put it to the test your skill as a bar tender; From whiskey to tequila, anything can do as long as you have a little imagination and mineral water in the fridge.

(Drink in moderation; It’s February 14, not the last days of Rome).

6- El famoso Netflix & Chill


You already knew it was coming, right?

The intense cold that we will live tomorrow offers an almost ideal setting to jump on the convenience chair, order some food, lean on the shoulder of our loved one and pretend that we will see a movie before the real action begin.

And it is also a great moment: The premieres on the platform of streaming par excellence are the order of the day, so it is a great occasion to see that Vietnam documentary that they swore to watch three months ago (even if they end up seeing Friends, as always).

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