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You are going to Turkey and you wonder what to see in Ankara? Here we tell you the options you have, as well as the activities you can do there, whether you stay for one or two days, maybe more. Join us!

Let’s talk about the most interesting places to visit in Ankara, its squares, mosques, historical centers and more. A country with cold beauty that transports you through a great history that remains in the minds of many. Do you dare to visit Ankara?

There are many buildings and striking places that you can see in Ankara. For this reason, I imagine that you will take the opportunity to be a photographer and share the experiences of your trip. Therefore, here we tell you the best way to be connected at all times.

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How to get to Ankara?

There is a diversity of ways to get to Ankara, you choose how, land, air and sea. If you choose to travel by air, you can get to the airports of Istanbul or Izmir and from there travel to Ankara. The train ride is approximately 4 hours, so you can lose much of the day. There is also the option to go directly to the capital of Turkey from your home country.

If you are traveling from Europe you can choose the rail or by air arriving at any of the three international airports. So pack your suitcase for Turkey and the places you want to see in the country, in Ankara and let’s get started.

Tram, means of transport in Turkey. Source: Anestiev on Pixabay

Tram in Turkey

Trolley car. Source: Anestiev on Pixabay

What to see in Ankara in 1 day?

If you travel only for a 1 to know Ankara we recommend you see the most emblematic places. Take a walk through the Castle of the city, a symbolic place to visit, while you can find souvenirs in its surrounding streets.

Turkey is a country with a vast history, therefore, knowing its historic center is a plan that you should think about. An imposing mosque appears in front of you on the streets of Ankara called Kocatepe. A day may be little to get to know the most attractive places in the capital of Turkey, but it is certainly impossible not to see its historic architecture. There are other places that you can visit only if you decide to stay longer.

What to see in Ankara in 2 days?

Mausoleum of Ataturk. Source: Tuğba on Unsplash

mausoleo de Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

People in Anitkabir mausoleum. Source: Enes Doğan on Unsplash

Was one day not enough? Well, here is what you can take advantage of to see in two days. The city welcomes you with open arms, although be prepared for its traffic. Among what you can see in Ankara you will also find mausoleums such as that of Ataturk. Of course, although it may not be the most curious thing for you, the tomb of the country’s first president allows you to take good photographs.

In addition, in the capital of Turkey you also find the ethnographic museum, where you can see more about the history of the Ottomans (it is close to the castle). In the Museum of Independence you can see in addition to the historical collection of the wars, the wax statues of the former Turkish presidents.

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What to do in Ankara?

Among everything you can do in Ankara think of a picnic on the banks of the kulugu park. The swans and ducks took over the park, endowed it with beauty and characteristic elegance. The City Tour if you go for a short time is an acclaimed, interesting option and allows you to visit even more places of interest.

It is true that it will not be the same as Istanbul, a city where you can find more to do. However, we want to tell you about some activities that you can do if you go alone or with children and that are for all tastes.

Turkey flag

Flag of Turkey. Source: 31774 on Pixabay

Military statue with flag

Statue on stone in Ankara. Source: @selimarda on Unsplash

Traveling to Ankara with children

The little ones in the house can also find places to enjoy themselves. So, traveling to Ankara with children is a range of options that opens up. Among the places you can see and the activities you can do in Ankara with the kids is:

The Koc museum In Ankara, with its impressive collection, it is a place that you might like a lot. Do you wonder what it is about? Well, it is a journey through the history of cars, sailboats and others. Before the means of transport, I don’t know about you but I loved it! and children will surely like it too.

Before I was talking about Kulugu Park, for a afternoon games and picnic surrounded by nature, is another of the activities you can do with them.

We know that with children you think of activities that involve them wondering, exploring and learning. Therefore a good idea is that you dare to go to MTA Sehit Cuma Dag Museum of Natural History. You are amazed and they too, it is one of the must-see activities you can do in the capital of Turkey.

Collection of carts in Loc museum

Koc Museum. Source: Ali Konak on Pixabay

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Frequent questions

What is the capital of Turkey: Istanbul or Ankara?

This question is in fact a common one since, being Istanbul such an inhabited and in fact well known city, it can be mistaken as the capital of Turkey. However, the capital is Ankara, this can happen when there are other cities that become very touristy.

What currency to bring to Turkey?

Do you have euros? Where do you change your currency? These and other important information that you should take into account, you can find them in our entry: What currency to bring to Turkey?

Do I need a visa to travel to Turkey?

One of the key questions while organizing your trip: do I need a visa? , Is not necessary ?, what should I do? Therefore, we will tell you more about this point so that you can solve all your doubts.

Where to sleep in Ankara?

I recommend you stay close to the places you want to visit, you have little time to visit and time is short. Book your accommodation in advance and try to make it in an area where you can do many things without public transport.


  • Prepare the budget for your trip, if you can, hire an excursion that can also include visiting Cappadocia.
  • Schedule your trip and the places you want to visit in advance so that you can choose your accommodation.
  • Do not be caught by surprise when you do your basic shopping to spend the day, choose to do them in supermarkets. You will save a paste from purchase to purchase.
  • Do not forget to bring your SIM card Turkey The eSIM virtual card for Turkey
  • Visit the Ruins of Ephesus, an archaeological gem and learn more about its history.
  • Review the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before travelling.

Like Ankara, there are many other places that besides being interesting have a great history to discover. Go ahead and learn more about Turkey and its history, not just for interesting books.

I am a student, an empowered woman, and a travel lover, from the Holafly traveler I want to accompany you on the adventures you undertake and encourage you to discover new destinations that show you the great diversity of our world. Think about your next destination to visit and we will give you the most useful tips for you to have a great time.

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