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Many Britons will remember this for a long time: The Brexit advertising campaign in which a British red bus, the Vote Leave bus, rolled through the country with the brisk Brexit advertising slogan: “We send 350 to the EU every week Millions of pounds – let’s fund our NHS instead. ”(NHS = National Health Service).

The slogan hit, the British voted for Brexit on June 23, 2016, and the Brexiteers, pardon the Tories, won the lower house elections. The brisk slogan has turned into a bitter disappointment. Even then, sincere people pointed out that the Brexit slogan was wrong, but this message found few recipients. In the meantime, the Brexiteers no longer want to hear about their election slogan and the “Vote-Leave” applicants removed the advertising stunt from their website. Only Prime Minister Boris Johnson maintains that he did not lie to the British at the time, because the saying was correct. Only the number is wrong, as the £ 350 million weekly savings are an understatement.

Today it is clear that the claim that Brexit will save Great Britain from transferring a lot of money to the EU was and is wrong. There are reports from many parts of Britain’s economy that Brexit will have a negative impact on the country.

Nothing is more convincing than facts, especially when they are based on comprehensible numbers. The supplies Bloomberg, a world renowned information services, news and Media company, New York. According to a Bloomberg analysis, the cost of Brexit is almost equal to the total cost of Britain’s contributions to the EU since 1973. The Bloomberg analysis also shows that the projected Brexit cost could be close to £ 203 billion by the end of 2020, while the costs for UK contributions to the EU from 1973 to 2020 were around £ 215 billion. At the beginning of 2010 the British statistical office ONS reported that economic growth had fallen “to the lowest rate in a decade”. Nevertheless, the labor market has developed positively. A fact that of course comes in handy for the Brexiteers.

Irish politician Neale Richmond tweeted, “Leaving the EU has cost almost more than all of the contributions but without the benefits.” The Brexiteers replied, “We are determined to do the right deal for the UK, but collective engagement is needed now.” . ”And the prime minister’s official spokesman said it was“ simply wrong ”for PM Johnson to be willing to soften his position in the trade talks. Ian Blackford, eloquent MP for Scotland’s SNP in Westminster, said laconically: “Boris Johnson’s top advisors are leaving the Prime Minister like rats on a sinking ship.”

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